The Best Wedding Catering in Perth

The wedding catering menu is the meeting point for the bride and groom with all their guests. Until the arrival of the moment of the reception or the aperitif, friends and family are spectators of unrepeatable and emotional moments, they are witnesses of a critical event in the life of any person.

Once the ceremony is over, the solemnity must give way to the celebration, the silence will give way to the bustle, and there is no better way to achieve this than around a table and some delicious food. The party begins, and everything is prepared to make the experience unforgettable. 

Indeed the choice of wedding catering is one of the decisions you are taking most seriously in planning your wedding. It is appropriate since there are many points to decide on:

– Type of menu you want to be served.

– Need to incorporate special menus.

– Menus for children, if they will attend your wedding.

– Ideal place for tasting appetizers and dinner.

– Seated menu, buffet, or cocktail type.

– Introduction of extras such as premium gin and tonics bar, chocolate with churros, or still life of sweets.

When thinking about what you expect from the menu and the catering service for your wedding day, you need to have clear ideas, especially regarding aspects such as the profile of the guests or the season of the year in which you will get married. Do you want to know how to make the best choices for Wedding Catering Perth?

When designing the menu that will be served at your wedding, you must consider what time of year it will be celebrated. You can have ideas such as a few cubes of hake with boletus and red shrimp cream to open your mouth, and dried fruit crumble to finish making friends and family’s mouths water and to put the finishing touch on the lemon cake. 

When looking at the calendar, you might prefer to substitute this menu sketch for another one more in line with the weather of the moment, in which sole turbans and prawns with puff pastry are served to start, suckling pig cooked at low temperature accompanied with purple potato cream and PX reduction and yogurt foam mille-feuille with natural berries.

Are you ready to start the great adventure of your wedding? Do you need more inspiration? Please call us for your fantastic wedding with us.