The Best Ways to Cope With Mental Health Challenging Times

Most people don’t think about mental health until they have a problem. It’s something that you don’t realize is important until it has been taken from you. I want to be open and honest with everyone here, so let me tell my story.

I’ve had my fair share of trouble with mental health over the years, but most of the time I’m able to keep myself together pretty well. This summer was a different story though. My girlfriend and I broke up for a few months, and that put me into a state of depression that ended up lasting for a lot longer than either one of us expected. You may say “Oh poor Richard” or some other silly comment like that; but no one ever thinks about their own mental health unless something bad happens to them directly…and even then they ignore it as much as possible. That’s what happened to me this past summer! But now I’m feeling better (thank god), and I wanted to share some tips on how we can all cope with difficult times in our lives:

1) Talk About It! Talking about your problems is by far the best way you can help yourself through tough times like these: telling someone about your feelings helps them understand what’s going on inside your head and therefore offers advice on how they can help you more effectively than if they didn’t know what was going on in there! Even if no one knows exactly how you feel inside, talking things out will surely make things easier. I need to find a sexual assault lawyers, so I have to have a conversation with them sooner or later. Maybe I’ll talk to my counsellor about it first and see what he thinks.

2) Spend Time With Friends and Family: You may think this one is obvious, but the more time you spend with people you love and trust, the better off you’ll be! As soon as you start feeling down and out, call up your best friend or your sister who lives overseas; the important thing is that they’re someone that cares about you. After all, it can’t hurt for others to see how down on yourself you are either; sometimes we need a little push from someone else to put us back on track.

3) Look At Things From A Different Perspective: When we feel bad we tend to look at things from one perspective only: ours! It’s easy for us as humans to forget that our opinions aren’t always correct…so if we had a different outlook than what we normally had. In most cases it’s a completely different viewpoint, and you’ll see things from a whole new angle! It’s not guaranteed to make you feel better, but it can’t hurt, right?

4) Help Someone Else: One of the best ways I’ve found to help myself is by helping others. If I’m feeling bad about something that happened in my life that day or something I did yesterday then there’s no better method for me to try and get over those feelings than by being nice to someone else. Whether it be buying someone lunch at work or just complimenting them on their hair…it makes me feel good about myself as well as takes away those negative feelings from before!

5) Go Out And Do Something You Love: We all have some favorite activity we enjoy doing in our down time. Whether it be reading your favorite book or watching your favorite TV show, sometimes just doing what you love is the best way to forget about how upset you are with yourself or with life itself. Get out there and do what you love! As soon as that one thing becomes enjoyable again then so will your everyday routine…and so will everything else around you too! What are some of your favorite hobbies?

6) Find Something To Do With Yourself: This one may sound crazy, but when we’re upset with ourselves for whatever reason we tend not only lose interest in doing anything productive but also lose interest in doing anything at all.

Remember, all of these tips are great for when you feel like you’re down in the dumps. I hope this post was helpful, and I hope it helps make your life much better! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!


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