The Best Way to Maintain Your UV Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is the lifeline for humans. Unfortunately, safe water supply is a major concern in India. India ranks 120 out of 122 countries in the global water quality index. According to UNICEF, less than 50 per cent of the Indian population has access to safe drinking water. Due to this, the economic burden of waterborne diseases costs approximately USD600 million annually in India.

A reliable water purification system is crucial to address these issues. Reverse Osmosis – RO water purifiers are the most popular devices to get clean water in residential properties. However, in recent years, UV water purifiers are also emerging as an alternative option for traditional RO purifiers. In fact, UV water purifiers captured more than 30 per cent of the market share in FY2020 with RO water purifiers following closely at 29.5 per cent. UV water purifiers kill and inactivate 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without using any chemicals or changing the water’s taste or odor.

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Like all other residential water treatment systems, UV water purifiers also need routine maintenance to keep them working efficiently and provide good quality water. The good news is that it has low and relatively simple maintenance. 

Here are five maintenance tips you need to bear in mind:

  1. Replace UV Lamp Annually

The UV lamp is the most important part of the UV water purifier. It doesn’t burn out like a regular bulb; rather it solarizes which means that the intensity of UV light decreases over time. This indicates it will no longer destroy bacteria as effectively as it should. While the lifespan of a UV lamp depends on the frequency of usage, it should be replaced every year to ensure safe and healthy drinking water.

  1. Clean and Replace UV Quartz Sleeve 

The UV quartz sleeve is a transparent glass tube that protects the UV lamp and transmits UV wavelength to water for disinfection. However, the minerals, debris, and sediments from the water collect on the UV quartz sleeve and prevent the UV light from penetrating the water. 

You should clean the UV quartz sleeve annually or every few months, depending on the frequency of usage. You will also need to replace the quartz sleeve every 2-3 years. 

  1. Change Pre-Filters 

Some UV water purifiers have pre-filters to act as an additional barrier to dust, sediments, microorganisms, and other absorbing compounds. It not only protects the UV unit but also enhances its functionality.

You should clean or replace pre-filters as and when it stops working effectively.

  1. Check the Water Quality

There are two primary sources of drinking water:

  • Groundwater is pumped through hand pumps, bore wells, tube wells, and dug wells.
  • Surface water from rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams.

The water procured from these sources contains organic, inorganic, biological, and radiological contaminants which impact its hardness, pH level, and alkanality. More the water is contaminated; the more your UV water purifier will have to work harder to disinfect it. Moreover, the water chemistry may change over time, irrespective of its source. Hence, you must get the water tested once or twice a year. 

  1. Go for Professional Maintenance

Self-maintenance of the UV water purifier could be tedious if you lack familiarity with the technical aspects of the parts. Hence, it is advisable to call a professional expert to check and service your UV water purifier every year.

How can Alfaa UV Water Purification Solutions Help?

Alfaa UV’s ‘Ewater’ series is among the top UV water purifier brands in the market. It goes through a 5-step purification system to remove physical, suspended, organic, and microbiological impurities like viruses and bacteria. It provides clean, pure, and safe drinking water without losing precious minerals or wasting water. It offers other exclusive features stainless steel purification chamber and flosteerTM technology for foolproof purification. ‘Ewater’ UV water purifiers are ideal for purifying municipal supplied water and usage with loft tanks/ low water pressure conditions.

Alfaa UV has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Water Digest Award 2014-15 in the category “Best Domestic UV Water Purifier”, for its products ewater and SPARKLE UV Water Purifiers. Ewater 5 stage UV water purifier from Alfaa UV has been conferred with the ‘Design Excellence Award 2015’ by CMO Asia in Singapore.

Alfaa UV also offers timely and dependable after-sales service to ensure the high quality and purity of water.

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