The Best Waterfalls in Seychelles

Everyone loves to watch waterfalls! Observing the beauty of how the waterfalls from heights and cascading over the rocks could bring a sense of calmness to the stressed mind.

Are you planning your vacation to Seychelles? Bathing in the sea and lying in palm-fronded chairs doesn’t make your holiday a perfect getaway. Get ready to enjoy the amazing waterfalls in Seychelles.

If you are a nature lover, you won’t be able to resist falling in love with its chilling waterfalls. If you’re planning to visit the top waterfalls in Seychelles during your holiday, then this guide is for you! Here we have come up with the top 5 waterfalls in Seychelles.

List of 5 Waterfalls in Seychelles

Grand Anse Mahe Waterfall  

It’s located near the Grand Anse village on the island of Mahe. This waterfall looks like a stair-like structure which gives an awesome sightseeing experience for you. As this waterfall is located on the west side of the island, you may not find the location very easily; in such cases, you can take the help of the locals to guide you.

The source of water is from the valley sandwiched between the hills of Bernicia and Cephal, so the water will be a bit cold, but it will be refreshing to swim and dive in the pool.

Port Launay waterfall  

Located on the West Coast of the main island of Mahe, Port Launay Waterfall wins first place among natural wonders in Seychelles. You will definitely love to spend your time here listening to the ever relaxing sound of the waterfalls and by taking photographs.

Cascade River Waterfall  

If you’re staying in boutique hotels in Seychelles, then it’s not an easy feat to reach Cascade River Waterfall. It will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to cover the actual trail. If you have hiking experience, then it may be a piece of cake for you; and those who do not have hiking experience should undergo this trail only with proper supervision. This trailing path is very close to the river, so the path will be slippery.

It’s advisable to wear non-slippery hiking shoes and walk with extra caution. Yes, it’s a tiresome trek, but once you reach the destination, all your tiredness will vanish and you will be stunned by seeing the beautiful valley, cascading falls, and green scenery.

Vallee de Mai, Praslin Waterfall   

Trying to search on Google maps to find the location of this Vallee de Mai? Sorry, you can’t find it! Yes, it’s a hidden gem in Seychelles. From Seychelles Resorts, you can take a ferry to reach Praslin Island, and then you can start trekking to reach this waterfall.

You need to be very careful while trekking towards this waterfall, as the rocks will be slippery. Towards your path, you can enjoy the scenic sun rays peeping into the beautiful clouds & finding their way to create colorful rainbows.

Sauzier Waterfall   

This waterfall is very near to Port Launay Waterfall. The entry point for both waterfalls are the same, but the Sauzier waterfall requires a shorter trek. You can reach this waterfall very easily, so it’s advised not to take any help from tour guides or locals.

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Few More Waterfalls in Seychelles

You might have read in many places that Seychelles comprises 115 islands. But do you know Seychelles is also known for waterfalls? Yes, apart from the above-mentioned waterfalls, there are a few more falls and they can be found at Sans Soucis in the hills of Bel-Air, La Misere, Bel Ombre and Le Niole in north Mahe.


Are you planning to visit Seychelles for your upcoming vacation? Or you’re already enjoying a vacation in Seychelles, but are bored of those beaches and looking for some other trekking activities to enjoy your day? Then plan your visit to these waterfalls today!

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