The Best Version in the NBA 2K History – NBA 2K22 is around the corner

As the most perfect work of the 2K series, what kind of surprises does NBA 2K22 bring to players? As work that will be launched soon, the degree of understanding of NBA 2K22 is limited, but these have been able to prove the power of this game.

Judging from the game’s screen, NBA2K22 perfectly replicates almost all NBA teams. In the game, even the player’s facial features and skin colors are almost perfect. The world’s generation of superstars-Kobe, although he has been far away from us forever, has lived forever in NBA 2K22, which lets us pay tribute to a generation of legends. By the way, to get the top-rated players, you must need enough NBA 2K22 MT Coins & Points!

At present, the teams in the game have played with the latest starting lineup of 32 NBA teams. Not only can players play the latest team, but historical teams that are far away from the player can also be reproduced in the game. Like the Chicago Bulls in 1996 and The Big Three for the Miami Heat in 2012, the team’s various signature moves are also reflected in the game. Curry’s three-pointers, Kobe’s picturesque jump shots and other various actions, fancy dunk players can be displayed one by one through the operation. In the game, players can inadvertently press the button to trigger the Easter egg, which will have the effect of paying tribute to the star’s signature action!

Compared with the previous 2k works, NBA 2k22 has a faster pace, more intense and more technical offense. In the game, players mainly have methods such as defense, offense, blocks, and shooting. The most controversial and most criticized challenge for missed shots has also been rebuilt. The defensive system was almost completely rewritten in NBA 2k22, allowing players to feel greater defensive pressure during the ball holding process. Any 2k work will not ignore the offense. The speed rocker returns to the game again. This allows the game to not only have a stronger sense of rhythm, but also better switch between fast and slow rhythms, various new combinations of actions, turn and retreat, Emergency stop jumpers, etc. opened up a new world of combined action. At the same time, when a player uses a star player, the star’s signature action can be perfectly triggered at certain times, and it is not a dream to reproduce the “flying man Jordan” free throw line take-off and dunk.

In general, NBA 2k22 has undergone a full range of upgrades. Whether in confrontation or defense, it has made up for the shortcomings of the past and has also created many bright spots. At present, NBA 2k22 has not officially launched the game platform, but the attention of this game should not be low. Players who love basketball can’t wait for play this game! Every fan of NBA 2K series must know the importance of NBA 2K MT in building fantasy team, it goes the same in NBA 2K22! In a word, to play well with the game, you must keep enough NBA 2K22 MT in your inventory! Browse the secure trading platform and find out why is the Best Place to Buy NBA 2K22 MT! Except for MT, you can also find NBA 2K22 VC & Accounts for Sale, thousands of trusted and verified sellers must satisfy all your requirements!