The Best Useless Websites On the Internet

Useless Web

As the name suggests, it is a web that has about 1,000 useless websites for you. Moreover, it takes you far away to somewhere, useless. The button where you supposed to click to go on a useless website makes it sound like you are desperate to get rid of boredom. Moreover, here are some fantastic sites that are on The Useless Web!

Eel Slap

A man is standing in front of a green screen. Moreover, you can control the eel with your cursor to slap the man standing in front of you. And that is pretty much it. You can slap the guy with an eel, to your heart’s content! You can imagine that the guy is one of your former childhood classmates who tried to steal your favorite new pencil and tried to claim it as his or her own. However, I think this website is hilarious. 

Koalas to the Max dot com (that is literally the name of the website)

It starts with a bunch of circles. Looks totally harmless, until your cursor swipes across the circles and everything goes downhill from there. The circles begin to multiply into smaller circles. If your IQ is high, you will figure out that those minicircles are forming an image of koalas. I spent 6 minutes behind this website because my OCD got the best of me, and the uneven image, different shapes of circles, really got on my nerve. What did I achieve in the end?

I wasted 6 minutes of my day but got a cute image of the koalas. Pretty much worth it.

PaP — The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Are you looking for a good and a strong password for your email or for whatever website you are signing up for? But you do not have real friends to give you a good suggestion? Well, PaP is just for you. You can try on your potential passwords and get instant feedback! The feedback is provided using a very realistic approach. Except, it is very real. You see, no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape from the “feedback.” That’s the beauty of the site.

  • “May God protect your email account.” 
  • “Even your dog has a better password.” 

And if you set up a complicated and a long password, it will show you the beautiful reality and say, “…as if you are going to remember that.”

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