The Best Travel Trailer For Your Family

If you have been considering a travel trailer for a while, you have probably come to realize that there are quite a few on the market. The features of each of these trailer styles can be either advantages or disadvantages, depending on your family’s specific needs.

When the time comes to make your purchase, you should consider all the factors that matter to you so you can find the best trailer for your family. These factors will be unique for each family, so let’s break down the relevant features of the main types of trailers so you can decide what matters most to you!


Pop-up campers are considered the most entry-level type of trailer camper. They tend to be very bare-bones on features, and lowest on the comfort scale.

Pop-up campers are very inexpensive, meaning that most families can afford to purchase one. A used pop-up can be purchased for less than the cost of a week at a decent hotel, and a new one costs less than a week at a theme park for a family of four.

Pop-ups are also extremely easy to tow. Because they collapse so small and are extremely lightweight, they can be towed by most cars. They are also extremely easy to maneuver into tight spaces and then opened out in place.

The trade-off for the convenience and low cost of a pop-up is comfort. Everything in a pop-up is designed for space, so your table may double as a bed. This multifunctionality means that you will definitely feel like you are roughing it. If your family enjoys camping for vacations, a pop-up will feel like a step up that provides some added convenience.

Fifth Wheel Trailers

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum on trailers, you find fifth wheels. A fifth-wheel trailer is so large it requires a special type of hitch, known as a fifth wheel, that is installed in the bed of a pickup truck.

The shortcomings of a fifth wheel for casual campers are fairly obvious. A fifth wheel requires a specific vehicle type, often a very large pickup truck or dually. This greatly increases your costs, both in startup (new trucks this size are priced comparably to luxury vehicles) and in ongoing costs (fuel economy is non-existent in a full-size truck).

Fifth-wheel trailers are also harder to steer and back up than smaller models, and won’t fit at all in some campsites.

The positives of a fifth wheel are also pretty clear. Fifth wheels usually have multiple pop-out panels that allow them to accommodate more rooms and features. If you are traveling with a large family, or want to be able to entertain a group of folks in your trailer, a fifth wheel from Auburn RV Dealers may be your best bet.

True Travel Trailers

Conventional trailers are often the goldilocks solution for most families. There are several factors that make them the best travel trailer for families.

Conventional trailers are small enough that they can be towed by a reasonably sized car or SUV, so your family’s daily driver will likely work for them. This means your family can travel in comfort, without requiring you to purchase a whole new tow vehicle.

The best travel trailers will have real bedding, so you can sleep comfortably, while still being small enough to provide true versatility in where you camp. Ideally, your travel trailer will provide benefits like solar generation, allowing you to use the space for sleeping and showering without popping panels up or out (something that both the bigger and smaller trailers require).

In summary, a traditional travel trailer is the best option for most families, due to convenience, comfort, and size.