The Best Tips for Professional Songwriting

What suggestions would a famous songwriter give you for writing a hit song?

Or how are the most popular songs written?

 “Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It’s something I don’t feel like I control, ”- Tracy Chapman.

Songwriting is an exciting and creative process. You are writing lyrics, creating rhythm, engaging with your own emotions. It is a soulful process. But how do you make your music exciting and deliver your feelings to the listeners?

Through well and thorough research, we have compiled these tips for you!

Choose a Good Subject

What makes a good song? A good piece catches the heart of the listeners. It evokes emotions in them. Choose a subject that interests the listeners. Good songs connect people. Songs about love, culture, country songs, spiritual songs, and anthems are always famous. Choose a good subject and start the song with something new, work on the first line and make it engaging. Your first line represents the whole song so work hard on it! It will arouse emotions in the audience.

A Reflection of the Society

Songs have the power to influence our society, and famous songs always inspire people. After choosing a good subject, the next important thing in songwriting is presenting a good reflection of your society. No matter the subject of your song, give a glimpse of community. Add lyrics that shine back at the lives of people around you. One of the most influential rappers, Tupac Shakur, is still famous for his songs against racism, crimes, and injustice. Write about social issues and add thought-provoking lyrics to your song, which will inspire the audience.

Make an Outline

Make a situation for your audience where they have to visualize the lyrics. Paint the image for your audience because a good songwriter lets them process the outline for themselves and understand the lyrics through their imagination. This is quite tricky, but it can be made easier by picking suitable themes. Songs about love are always relevant. Outline these topics and give an excellent flow to catch your audience’s emotions.

Write a Relatable Song

Your music should reflect the lives of your audience. Which songs do people like the most? The ones which are about them, which gives a reflection of their lives as people. The struggles they do in their life. Your song should highlight the troubles your audience face as individuals, and it will be more relatable to them. Songwriting is a skillful art of connecting the listener with your lyrics. Keep the phrasing straightforward and smooth to have a decent flow, making the audience attracted to the song.

Use Good Rhyming 

Even after working hard on songwriting, your lyrics will not be so catchy unless you rhyme them well. Writing catchy rhythms is as essential as writing good lyrics. Your lyrics should have an excellent rhythm to the lines. Better harmony makes the song more enjoyable and easy to learn. Focus on vocals, do the practice! It takes time to find words, but more work and effort will improve your song and take it up a notch!

Go with the Flow 

A good songwriter keeps himself updated and renovates his songs in a way that gives fresh vibes to listeners. Your lyrics should not be very outdated. Observe the latest trends coming up and new things happening around. Get involved in the community and take part in recent events. It will help you learn new ways to be efficient, because if you do not know the latest, you will be unable to write up-to-date songs, and your pieces will be less exciting and old-fashioned. 

Your songs will only be able to hit the heights if you keep them aligned with the latest.

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Examine other Famous Songs 

Take ideas from the songs you admire. Analyze their lyrics and learn about the best songwriters and their way of writing. It will help you a lot in writing your own. Improvise their ideas and write them in your way. Listen to songs, fractionate their lyrics and study them thoroughly, but don’t lose your creativity. Remember that it’s your song. Take ideas from others but interpret them in your way.

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Being a good songwriter takes a lot of effort and is not easy — it needs skills to be a good songwriter, but everything takes time. Be patient and start with what you have. Study popular songs, do your research, write confidently, and know what your audience wants to listen to. With hard work and self-belief, you will achieve success.