The Best Tips for Building Your Local SEO

People flock to search engines to solve just about every problem from finding a mechanic to getting a haircut. If you want to get noticed online, you’ll need to improve your search engine optimization, or SEO, to drive people to your website.

You can avoid competing with billions of general search results by focusing only on local SEO. This helps you connect with the customers in your area so that you get more relevant hits.

Take a look at these tips for upgrading your local SEO strategy.

How is Local SEO Different from Regular SEO?

It seems like every few years, there’s new tech jargon to add to your marketing list. Local SEO is a new buzzword that has every business owner looking for ways to get noticed on Google.

Companies used to focus primarily on keywords to get the top spot on Google. But this left thousands of businesses out of the results that might actually be relevant.

Google updated its algorithm in 2019 to help users find relevant local businesses easier and faster. You can now get noticed in local search results even if your business is far from having the top spot in search results.

Traditional SEO is still useful, but you can eliminate billions of competitors for your industry’s keywords by focusing on your local area instead.

Google My Business

Google offers small businesses a free listing to help customers find them easier. Update your Google My Business listing regularly with as much detail as possible.

Include hours of operation, service descriptions, and photos of your business. Google My Business is Important for Local SEO because the more information you provide, the better your search engine ranking.

This is because complete business listings are more relevant than those without detailed information. This helps Google eliminate inactive or closed businesses from their top search results providing users with a better experience.

Show Your Local

Your website needs a company address if you want to appear in local SEO rankings. Be sure to list your company name the same every place it’s listed across the web.

For example, if you’re listed on social media with the words “Inc” or “LLC” behind your name, make sure you list it on your website the same way. The same goes for your location information.

Add your suite name to your social media pages if it’s included on your website. Comb through all your listings online to make sure your company and business location all match.

It’ll improve your local SEO ranking by showing you have to date, accurate information. Google is less likely to feature a business with an incomplete address because it steers their users toward potentially bad or outdated information.

Google Local SEO

Google’s Local SEO tools aren’t in place to help you make sales. Know your place if you want the best results from your marketing strategy. Google exists to serve its billions of customers looking for top information.

IOne of the best ways you can avoid getting left out of search engine results is to keep your information accurate, relevant, and fresh on your website.

Use local SEO tools across your online channels for better visibility in your area. For more information and business tips, visit our blog for updates.