The Best Techniques In Hair Fall Treatments And The Importance Of A Diagnosis

Hair fall is a highly prevalent problem in the modern world. Underlying severe conditions like androgenetic alopecia are the leading causes of hair fall and cannot be cured with external products. Professional treatments are developed to tackle this problem. If you are wondering about the hair fall treatments cost, read on to learn more about the treatments.

Hair Fall Treatment

The best treatment procedures

The most popular hair treatments to cure hair fall are listed below:

  1. Direct Hair Implantation

The DHI treatment involves covering the hair thinning by placing each follicle in a specific angle, depth, and position pre-determined to obtain a natural look. The procedure is more effective than traditional FUE and FUT treatments, with a visibility rate above 90%.

The procedure is regulated by the most robust advisory board and administered by doctors certified by LHRTA to ensure safety. The process is painless and gives effective growth forever with healthy follicles used.

  1. Direct Hair Fusion

The DHF treatment involves the application of a delicate membrane with woven virgin hair. The membrane is breathing and is designed while keeping in mind the patient’s hair texture, expanse, and color to provide a natural look.

The procedure is best suited to people with high-grade alopecia. A replacement is needed every five to eight months to obtain effective results and maintain the natural look of the scalp. Every delicate membrane is developed in order to ensure effective camouflage.

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation

The procedure involves the introduction of hypo-allergic medical pigments into the dermal layer to mimic the hair follicles. The process is suitable for all stages of hair loss and doesn’t involve surgery, making it a popular option on the market.

The MPG procedure shows results after two or three sessions of application of ink by experts to provide a natural look. The work involves heavy precision to target every single hair follicle. You will have to get this procedure retouched every three to five years to maintain the natural look it provides.

  1. PRP Hair treatment

PRP hair treatment involves taking a small amount of blood from your body to extract the plasma, which induces hair growth when introduced to your follicles. The PRP is first activated by thrombin, a DNA activator, and calcium ions to ensure maximum hair growth.

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is obtained after careful centrifugation of the blood and enriching procedures to ensure results. You see immediate results with this procedure which urges your own hair growth and has no side effects. You can also pursue this treatment in combination with many others to get the best results.

The first step to pursuing any of the above treatments is to gather a complete picture of your unique situation. You can get all your doubts answered along with the hair fall treatments cost to help you make a good decision. Read on to learn about the diagnosis procedure.

Benefits of obtaining a diagnosis

It is crucial to opt for a diagnosis to accurately determine the underlying condition for hair loss and pursue proper treatments. Here are the main advantages of getting a Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia:

  • A DHI test

Taking a diagnosis can help you perform a small patch test to see how you respond to the DHI technique. This eliminates any form of the ineffectiveness of the procedure, which can drain your money. The underlying alopecia and how it responds is accurately predicted with a diagnostic test.

  • Mathematical data

The main feature of the diagnosis procedure is the mathematical data of your level of hair fall which helps determine the parameters of the treatment which will effectively yield results. The data obtained is crucial information to help you decide the best mode of treatment.

  • Complete dermatological examination

A thorough examination by a professional dermatologist will help you gain valuable perspective on what you should and shouldn’t be doing while caring for your hair. The products you use and how regularly you apply them all influence your hair to some extent. An appointment with the dermatologist in the form of this test is very useful.

  • Mental preparation

The UDSA allows you to prepare for the actual treatment session mentally. If you are anxious about a new treatment and what effects it will bear, you can get clarifications on all your doubts to help ease your anxiety. The process enables you to prepare yourself and get familiar with a new environment to take the treatment.


Hair fall treatments are incredibly effective and are administered after careful diagnosis of the underlying condition of alopecia and its extent. The practical methods of treatment, like DHI and DHF, are utilized to deliver effective treatment. DHI has been the global leader in hair restoration since 1970 and offers the patented direct hair implantation technique to deliver better results for your condition. Contact us to book an appointment today to treat your hair fall condition.