The Best Supplements for Maximum Muscle Gain

With any workout regimen, the goal is to make the most of your efforts. Weight training programs, of course, aim to build muscle, which can certainly be accomplished through plenty of reps and a nutritious diet. To maximize your results, however, a number of supplements can help to sculpt and refine your body by giving your muscles more of what they need to gain botoh definition and strength. 

Read on for must-have supplements to boost the work you put into your weight training. 


If there’s one supplement you shouldn’t skip, it’s protein. Whether you supplement with a protein powder or aim to increase your protein intake at meal times, adding more protein to your diet has been shown to increase muscle gain during the recovery phase. Your body digests protein quickly and sends it to your muscles to repair the tissue after a hard workout. 

A high-protein diet also helps your body to feel full more quickly and for a longer duration of time. When you feel full, you’re likely to eat fewer calories and burn fat–and a lower body fat percentage is crucial for ultimate muscle definition. 


To increase lean muscle mass, increase your energy, recover quicker and enhance your strength and energy, look no further than this beneficial supplement. Creatine is popular among body-builders, especially during intense workouts, for its ability to boost your muscle’s performance while lifting. 

Creatine is a molecule that already naturally exists in your muscles, so there are thought to be fewer concerning side effects. Supplementing with creatine supports the generation of important high-energy molecules, so you can work harder and longer. 

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

A string of three individual amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine), branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are a popular supplement for weight trainers. BCAAs make up a significant portion of the amino acids present within your muscles, but unlike other amino acids your body does not produce them naturally. 

An additional BCAA supplement supports muscle growth, as well as decreasing the amount of muscle soreness following a workout. Those who take BCAAs report less fatigue and greater gains since beginning a supplement regimen. 


It isn’t enough to build muscle when you’re in a weight-training program. It’s also important to maintain it. Glutamine does help to promote muscle growth, but it also works as a cell volumizer, enabling your muscle cells to hold on to crucial water content that aids in muscle fatigue and repair. 

Glutamine naturally occurs in the body, and is activated when the muscles perceive strain or stress in order to speed up recovery and help your body to avoid muscular breakdown. Glutamine also plays a role in immune system regulation. Your immune system does more than just fight off viruses and illnesses. Many immune cells enhance the formation of healthy muscle fibers, too. 


For increased performance, decreased fatigue and an immune boost, you can’t go wrong with a beta-alanine supplement. Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that fuels your energy levels, allowing your body to work out harder and longer. While not directly related to muscular growth, the extra energy that beta-alanine brings to your workouts can result in increased muscle growth, as it gives your overall endurance a boost. 

Beta-alanine reduces the amount of acid buildup, a main contributor to fatigue, in the muscles when working out. It works to increase the duration of your weight training sessions by staving off the fatigue that would signal to your body that it’s time to call it for the day. 

When it comes to supplementation for maximum muscle gain, it’s best to include more than just a single supplement. Because they all have different effects, multiple supplements can help you perform better, workout longer and build muscle quicker than one supplement alone–or no supplements at all. With every supplement regimen, always do your research before starting any combination. At the end of the day, a healthy body and mind will be the ticket to peak gains and the results you’re after.