The Best Stock Picking Service

There are a number of different stock pickers on the market today all promising to deliver profitable stocks right to you. These programs have been growing in popularity in recent years because they’re enabling newer, less experienced traders to make the same kind of money of those who’ve done it for years and without having to stake the risk.


Sometimes these stock picks will load up on a stock and then tell you to buy. Once that stock gets an initial boost from everyone buying they will sell off all of their shares for a quick profit off of you. This will cause the stock to drop and you will be sitting with a loss. Of course, they won’t post when they really sold if they even bought into the stock until they have enough time to make a Monday morning quarterback call on when they wished they would have sold. The next time you are thinking about joining one of these services makes sure you think about the things discussed in this article.


How to select a stock picking service


First — do not just Google “best stock picking service”. Most probably the first few sites are scammers. Go and read independent Forex forums, check people’s opinions on services, and always remember comments you read may be very well posted by scammers too. Be very careful, and think twice, maybe your best option is to depend only on your own knowledge and abilities to make decisions?


Having not had a great deal investing in cheap stocks myself up to that point, I was blown away by this change and began checking in on that stock on the second day every half-hour at the continued decline, finally topping off at $.48. Ultimately that stock more than tripled in value in the short term. This is why I call this program the best stock picking service available today. That’s not to say that you should expect this kind of behavior from every pick which you receive, but it gives you a great idea of what to expect from these cheap stocks and the potential behind them.


Here’s how it works:


These so-called “Best Stock Picking Service” buy a certain stock that’s typically trading at $0.02 — $0.10. Many times, these stocks are not even listed on the exchanges, and the volume is typically only a few thousand shares per day. After these “Best Stock Picking Services” bought a few ten-thousand of these shares, they start recommending it to their subscribers. You will experience that it is not easy to buy these stocks since they are not listed on regular stock exchanges. And if you ask your broker to buy this stock for you, you might end up paying 4–5 times more than normal commissions.


But before the stock hits the predicted exit price, your “Best Stock Picking Service” starts selling (dumping) the stock that they bought BEFORE they recommended it to their list. Since they typically bought large amounts of this stock, there’s suddenly an enormous supply of this stock and prices start falling. More and more investors panic and sell their stocks; driving stock prices further down. After a massive sell-off the stock is typically trading at the same level as it was BEFORE the “Best Stock Picking Service” started recommending it; sometimes even below. Investors are losing their money, and the only winner in this game is you “Best Stock Picking Service”.




YOU are your own best stock picking service. By all means, avoid subscribing to a service that is only “pumping” a stock to investors to drive the prices up and then “dump” it before the investor knows what’s happen. Learn how to do it yourself, and you will save a lot of money. Go to seminars on stock trading, buy books, use simulations if possible and practice reading market indicators. Get a mentor.

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