The Best SSDs That Will Boost The Performance Of Your PC

Solid State Drive or SSD, is the new versions of the HDD’s that our PC’s used back in the old days. If the decision between picking an SSD or an HDD is tearing you apart, then take our word for it. The SSD is much faster than hard drives. In terms of durability, SSD’s also win by a mile over hard drives.

Which SSD should you get? More importantly, you should answer the question, why do you need an SSD? You also have to take into consideration whether your PC or laptop can handle an SSD. If everything checks out, then going with an SSD will surely improve the performance of your PC and your overall user experience.

Price can also be another factor why you should choose an SSD over an HDD. For something cheaper than the HDD, Solid State Drives inevitably checks out in terms of speed, performance, and durability. We managed to curate a list of the best Solid State Drives on the market. You can pick out the SSD that matches your exact budget. 

970 Evo Plus By Samsung

Samsung is a competent company in terms of creating the best SSD models on the market. If you want an SSD that comes from a reliable source, the 970 Evo Plus is perfect for you. Picking out the 970 Evo Plus should be a no-brainer by looking at the price to performance ratio alone.

You will be able to get the 970 Evo Plus in different memory sizes. It all comes down to the thing that you prioritize most for your PC memory and storage. You will get one of the top-performing SSD on the market for a price that goes a little over $100. For a PC hardware that offers speed and comfort, $100 should not be a huge deal.

Samsung 970 Pro NVMe

What makes the 970 Pro NVMe better than the Samsung 970 Evo? Well, it all depends on your priorities. If you value gaming more than overall speeds, then the 970 Pro NVMe is a better option. However, you do not have to worry about getting a different product with the 970 Pro NVMe. Both of these solid-state drives are two of the best SSD on the market.

However, the difference between this SSD and the Evo Plus is that this one costs a little higher. With the increased price point, you will get improved write speeds that go up to 2,700 Mbps. So, the 970 Pro earns the nickname as the faster SSD with this kind of performance.

OCZ RD400 From Toshiba

Let us face it. Some computers or rigs do not have much room for an SSD. This reason is the exact culprit why getting an SSD is not for everyone. However, if your problem comes with size, a good SSD can be the Toshiba OCZ RD400. This SSD comes in different sizes and even looks-wise that would be perfect for your PC and your taste.

The OCZ RD400 even comes in various form factors. You will be able to get this SSD in the M.2, M.2 2280, and an additional card. Remember to take into account the area in your computer as some 1TB drives may not fit in some PC cases. 

The 1TB SSD drive can be your replacement to the Hard Disk Drives. You can call these a faster version of an HDD, and an even cheaper alternative.

Samsung X5 Portable Solid State Drive

Our list would not be complete if we did not name our favorite external SSD. The Samsung X5 is an SSD external hard drive. This fact means that the X5 gives you an immediate advantage in terms of speeds. The X5 also uses a technology called Thunderbolt 3, which enables it to be durable and secure. Both of which are important in storing your relevant data and files.

The X5 delivers any user an ultra-fast speed at a price. Some of these external SSD goes for about $300. If you want an SSD that will surely give in terms of exceptional speed, then the X5 should be perfect for you.


Although SSD cannot compare to HDD in terms of capacity, you will have an edge towards the speeds that SSD pose. You will be able to experience how an ultra-fast write speed translates to your overall PC experience. You can also use both of these storage options to your advantage. 

You can get store your files and operating systems in the SSD to get ultra-fast speeds and write-speeds. The HDD can be handy for your storage capacity needs. But in terms of speeds, performance, and price, the SSD wins over the HDD by a wide margin.