The Best Road Trips in India Worth Considering

There is arguably nothing more adrenaline-pumping than hitting the roads with your car windows down, speakers blaring, and a group of good friends by your side. In a country like ours, that is so vast and diverse at the same time, the beauty and thrill of a road trip can go up by a few notches. 

When on a road trip, you want it to be a fun, pleasant experience, devoid of any inconvenience. However, you cannot foresee trouble. Things can go wrong; you might be stranded in the middle of nowhere or need emergency cash for hotel and travel bookings. That’s precisely why you should get a comprehensive road trip cover that can come to your rescue during an hour of crisis.

Compiled below are five best road trips in India that you definitely should take:

  • Mumbai to Goa

The Mecca of all road trips for bike and car enthusiasts alike, this trip from Mumbai to Goa is breathtakingly beautiful – with the Western Ghats from end-to-end and spectacular scenic beauty to keep you company along the way. 

The route from Pune to Kolhapur via NH4 is the safest. Over 590 kilometers, you can cover this route within 10 hours non-stop. The Chiplun-Ratnagiri route, via NH66, is the preferred route for thrill-seekers. A number of good food joints line both the routes so that you can stay satiated.

Best time for travel – September to March

  • Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

From Visakhapatnam as the starting point, Araku Valley would be an approximate 115 kilometers that you should be able to cover within three/four hours. The way to your destination runs through winding roads, verdant canyons and majestic hills overlooking the Bay of Bengal. 

With gushing waterfalls, coffee plantations and forested hillsides along the way, this road trip will undoubtedly be one for the album. Once in Araku Valley, don’t forget to visit the Tatipudi Reservoir and Borra Caves. 

Best time for travel – October to March

  • Manali to Leh

Expect this road trip to not be like anything you have embarked on before. Throw into the mix some deadly twists and bends, snow-capped mountains, valleys, rugged landscapes, and tranquil monasteries; and you will know why this road trip is one for the ages. 

The entire journey is spread over 478 kilometers. But it should take you close to two days, considering most of the trip would be spent at an altitude of 4000 meters. Take a couple of strategic stops at Keylong and then at Sarchu, to get acclimated to the altitude and terrain.

Best time for travel – June to September

  • Chennai to Puducherry

If you hit the East Coast Road, you can reach Puducherry – famously given the moniker ‘Paris of the East’ – from Chennai, within three/four hours. 

Spread across a little over 155 kilometers, the route goes through Mahabalipuram (A UNESCO World Heritage Site), Idaikkazhinadu (famous for Alambara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (put up in a boathouse here and indulge in a few water sports) and Kalpakkam (center for the nuclear facility). 

Almost every stop on this road trip has on offered a picture-perfect memory to take back home.

Best time for travel – October to February

  • Kolkata to Digha

If you are a resident of Kolkata, chances are you will swear by this popular road trip-cum-weekend getaway. You can take the NH16 route or NH116B, and reach your destination within four/five hours. Scores of local eateries and dhabas along the way make sure you never run of fuel.

Once in Digha, make sure to make a splash in the sea, soaking up the sun, enjoy a beautiful twilight, and end the night with scrumptious seafood served on a platter.

Best time for travel – July to March

In conclusion, road trips are a new rage, and with good reason. A stark shift in culture and the chance to know people, up, close and personal, can bring about a sea change in your personality, outlook, and attitude towards life. However, remember that every journey can be fraught with risks.

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