The best red lion AND JOHNSON CONTROLS products in the USA

Red Lion Controls:

Since 1972, Red Lion Controls in the USA has offered the most cost-effective connectivity, measurement, and control for automation technology solutions for global markets. It has made it possible for companies all over the world to receive precise information and transparency about the caliber of employees.

 Red Lion has been providing cutting-edge solutions to international markets via communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking. This has allowed businesses all over the world to receive real-time data visibility that boosts productivity. 

  • Red Lion is a part of Spectris plc, a provider of instrumentation and controls that boost productivity.

Red Lion Controls in the USA is a part of the portfolio of the efficiency-improving instrumentation and controls company Spectris plc. They want the interaction to be simple. Clients look to them to be their business partners and to take an interest in their unique needs, goals, and issues.

  • Through their priceless experience, client-centered solutions, and quantifiable results, they win each client’s trust.
  • As a premier supplier of advanced controls, Red Lion Controls in the USA has been providing clients with cutting-edge solutions for more than 40 years.

Johnsons Controls:

 Johnson Control Products in the USA is a worldwide corporation with American and Irish legal status with headquarters in Cork, Ireland that manufactures security, HVAC, and fire systems for buildings. 

In 1883, Whitewater Normal School professor Warren S. Johnson created the first electric room thermostat. In order to create, install, and maintain automated temperature regulating systems for buildings, he founded the Johnson Electric Service Corporation in 1885 with a group of Milwaukee-area businessmen. 

The business pressed Congress for a bailout of the businesses that Johnson supplied during the recession of 2008–2009. Alex Molinaroli succeeded Stephen Roell as CEO and board chairman in 2013 after the latter announced his retirement.

It employs 105,000 workers in about 2,000 sites on six continents as of the middle of 2019. It was ranked 389th in the Fortune Global 500 as of 2017, but as of 2017, it was no longer eligible for the Fortune 500 due to its non-American headquarters.

The combination of Tyco International and Johnson Controls, which was announced on January 25, 2016, created the firm. Alex Molinaroli, the CEO of Johnson Controls at the time, benefited financially from the acquisition by avoiding taxes on international market operations.

The best red lion AND JOHNSON CONTROLS products in the USA:


Field equipment controllers are referred to as FEC. Johnson Control Products in the USA has trademarked it. The adjustable control systems of the FEC Series allow for the switching of the BACnet MS/TP and N2 communication channels. These are BACnet Application Programming Controllers (B-ASCs) with integrated MS/TP communications when configured as BACnet MS/TP controllers.

They can be used in N2 mode to update older Johnson Controls controller-equipped sites. Peer-to-peer networking, an optional built-in LCD screen local user interface, and a unique continuous tuning adaptive control system are all features of FECs. They also have a 32-bit CPU architecture.


The following are the factors that influence consumer decisions to purchase and use this Johnson Controls product in the USA:

  • Flexibility is provided by the reconfigurable communication standards made available for BACnet MS/TP and N2 communication options.
  • The widely used Standard BACnet Protocol, which complies with the BACnet standard, can be used to connect other Building Automation System (BAS) devices.
  • Hardware from the family line has the same layout. uses common hardware to support common wiring procedures and installation techniques.


Another best Johnson product in the USA is IOM. It is a collection of input/output devices that are compatible with Metasys. Depending on where they are located on the Metasys system, IOMs can perform one of two jobs. More points are awarded to Field Equipment Controllers when IOMs are linked to the Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus (FEC).

The IOM models and the whole set of FEC/FAC models may be used for a variety of construction jobs, from straightforward fan coil or heat pump regulation to intricate central production management.


  • For more complete use, controls are enlarged.
  • Versatile arrangements: At the field level as well as the supervisory level, 4, 6, 10, 12, 15, 16, and 17 points can be expanded.
  • Applications for monitoring using 16 parameter models


Red Lion’s C48 counter/timer panel meters come with both a traditional counter/timer and a batch counter/timer. A crucial process counter and timer, with dual settings and a backup counter with a single preset, are both included in the batch model. The basic unit, on the other hand, comes in single or double configurations. The supplementary counter has two modes of operation: batch and comprehensive.

Output NPN OC/Relay Bi-Directional and Quadrature Counting, Six-character Transmissive LCD with Backlight, Up to 11 kHz

Single Preset Version Red Top Line and Green Bottom Line Display, NEMA 4X/IP65, 50 mm x 50 mm,


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Who competes with Red Lion Controls?

Competitors and related businesses to Red Lion Controls include CODAR Ocean Sensors, IPEC, ISSPRO, and DURAG GROUP. Red Lion Controls is a business specializing in networking and industrial automation communication, monitoring, and control.

Is it good to work for Johnson Controls?

56% of the 823 customer reviews for Johnson Controls were favorable. The remaining 44% were helpful critiques aimed at assisting Johnson Controls in enhancing its workplace environment. With 93% positive feedback, the HR team at Johnson Controls has reported the best experience out of all the company’s departments.