The best reasons for car storage

The main reason you should get long-term car storage is for protection. You spent ungodly amounts of money on luxury vintage or sports cars anyhow. So from this it makes no sense to then have it with no means of storage. This really is a wise move. It is key to make in making sure you have a good car storage option to call on. This is big business now, after all. There are no end of car storage firms and facilities right across the UK.

What to know about this market at present

Do you perhaps feel that only “Supercars” get put into professional car storage? That only those who jetset globally use such a service. Does your view of Car Storage facilities look a little like this. You may be surprised to learn that this stereotype is much less normal than you realise. OK, there is a modicum of truth to it, I can’t lie, but it’s certainly not always the norm.

Generally speaking, people need to store cars for many different reasons. We tend to store all manner of cars (yes, some supercars), for all manner of reasons, with the same level of attention to detail and customer service for all manner of people.

Perfect if you may be based abroad

Our clients are dotted all over the globe. Typically driven by work, we have clients in all the major continents and many of the worlds busiest capitals. They each share a common peace of mind that their cars are being kept alive and well – in the best possible condition – while they get on with their lives. Needless to say, when they want to come back, their car can be delivered or transported to an airport link of their choice or their home or wherever they need it delivered.

Just make sure you get a service that will not break the bank

You may be reading about all these benefits and thinking it will cost you a fortune. While it can’t compare to keeping your car at home (presuming it’s free), the security risks often outweigh the affordability. This is particularly true for any vehicles that you don’t use often. There is the option of keeping your car in a private lot, but these can get expensive really quickly, and they don’t offer the same protection as car storage units. That’s why there is no way to beat self-storage units. They offer the best protection and are almost always cost-effective. You can usually choose fixed packages or flexible monthly payments that are tailored to what you need. Many of these units also include insurance that covers your car if anything were to happen.


By having the car stored you will be keeping it at its best condition preventing any external damage or general wear and tear, which in turn will help maintain the value of the car. It is typical for cars kept in storage are cleaned on arrival and covered. It is also typical for the cars are trickle charged and run to temperature as and when required. We make sure all cars are kept in pristine condition.