The Best Places to Work From Home in California

It has long been known that you have to have a car in California. Depending on where you lived, you needed to be prepared to spend a lot of time in your car thanks to the infamously terrible traffic. However, the ability to work from home now means that you can enjoy the amenities of California without dealing with the pain of traffic or the high housing costs of living in urban areas to avoid it. Check out these great places to live in California where you can work from home.


The charming city of Roseville is located within easy access of many amenities. From here, a two to three hour drive can get you to

  • Tahoe
  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento

The city is loaded with parks and easy amenities so you can take care of what you need to do easily and quickly. In addition, there are 19 golf courses and more than 50 wineries within 25 miles of this lovely city.


Bakersfield is a growing town that has a lot to offer, especially if you are interested in buying a house. For those who love the outdoors, the chance to hike along the Kern River and check out additional hiking trails in the area mean you will always get in your steps in Bakersfield. This city is very popular with those in the agriculture industry and there are many jobs in manufacturing. Check out things to do in bakersfield.


The cost of living in Blythe is markedly lower than in other cities in the state. You will be about 3 hours from LA and situated along the Colorado River, so if you love birds, Blythe could be your new home! Be prepared for heat. Summers are warm in Blythe. However, if you are a freelancer, you could easily focus the majority of your work during the months of high summer when you are stuck inside anyways and then go part time when things cool down.

Harbor City

It must be said that the cost of living in Harbor City may not be as low as others included in this list. However, if your WFH job requires fast internet, you want to be in Harbor City. As of May 2021, Harbor City has the second fastest internet in the states. There are 17 different providers in the city and the download speed is 927.44 MBPS, or megabytes per second. If your business is graphics and large files, Harbor City could be your new home.


The city of Oceanside has ten different providers and a low housing price to boot. If you love the outdoors, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of things to do thanks to the lagoon and the nearby beach. For property near the water, a decent internet connection and an affordable lifestyle, this may be your city. Median household income is $60,000, and there is work in many different industries, including manufacturing. Should you choose to branch out from your WFH job, you may find it easy to build a side hustle as well as working from home.


If northern California calls to you but you do not want to deal with the congestion of bigger cities, check out Eureka. This town is just south of the Oregon border and offers historic buildings, plenty of outdoor activities, and the chance for forest bathing. The timber industry is big in Eureka, as are the healthcare and tourism sectors. However, a work from home professional, especially a freelancer, can concentrate their work hours to the weekend and have play time in this lovely city when the tourists have gone home.

Working from home takes discipline, but it offers a lot of benefits. If you are interested in making the switch, any of these cities could give you the flexibility you need to build a terrific life in California. If you’re looking to learn more, check in with The Mark Tyoran Group on real estate opportunities.