The Best Places for a Baby to Sleep Safely

Parents of newborns are frequently told to let their children go to bed wherever they are most comfortable however that isn’t an ideal suggestion. There are safe areas for your baby to sleep in and also areas that could be riskier.

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby must be able to sleep:

  • In a bassinet, or crib close to her mother’s bed. If you are confused about different types of bassinets then visit Best Bassinets for A New Mom in 2022.
  • Her back Not on her sides or stomach.
  • On a mattress that is firm like a firm crib mattress, that is covered by a fitted and well-fitted sheet.
  • With no soft objects (pillows or toys) or sheets of bedding (blankets or sheets) in her bassinet crib or cradle.

Also, you should ensure that your baby isn’t excessively hot when she’s sleeping.

The key points to take into consideration are:

Your baby will eventually become accustomed to sleeping in the car seat, a swing, or any other place you can put her down. Be sure to follow the AAP guidelines and put your baby on her bassinet or cradle or crib.

Children who sit in car seats for too long could be more at risk of developing a positional plagiocephaly, also known as flatheads.

The most important reason not for the idea of putting your baby in the car seat is because there is a small connection with SIDS.

Room Sharing

While it is important to be sharing your space with your child, it does not mean you have to share your bed. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, the most secure way to sleep with your child is to have parents share their rooms (but it’s not the bed) during at least the initial six-month and up to a year of life.

Room-sharing is believed to lower the chance of SIDS by up to 50 percent. If you don’t share the same bed with your parents, the likelihood of accidental suffocation is reduced.

Car Seat Precautions

Although a baby or a baby won’t likely develop undesirable habits from sleeping in car seats, however, it’s not the best location to sleep in.

A study of SIDS cases revealed that a tiny percentage of babies who died were in car seats.2 This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your baby inside a car seat while you’re driving in your car. However, you’ll need to locate a better space for your infant to rest.

Baby Car Seat Safety Tips

Help for Getting Your Baby to Sleep

If you’re having difficulty getting your child to sleep in a crib, use a cradle or a bassinet instead. A large crib can be too large for a newborn or baby.

Swaddling is an excellent method to help infants sleep to stay asleep and feel calm quickly, particularly when they’re infants. If a baby is properly wrapped, they feel snug and comfortable and the wrap may aid in preventing the baby from putting his arms up, causing him to startle himself or even scratching his head.

Following the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is a significant chance of dying if the baby is swaddled in or rolls into the prone position. The Academy provides some guidelines to follow:

“If babies are swaddled, they should be placed on their backs. Swaddling ought to be secure around the chest, but leave plenty of room between the knees and hips to avoid aggravating hip dysplasia. If an infant shows an indication of trying rolling, then swaddling should no longer be utilized. 

A Word from Expert

A pediatrician is an excellent resource in case your child is not sleeping properly, particularly to make sure there isn’t any reflux, colic, or food intolerance.


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