The Best Online Zoosk Review For Weight Loss

If you ask people who have successfully managed to lose weight and keep it off, some are likely to have found inspiration in unexpected places. As shown in this Zoosk review, some apps greatly motivate one to lose weight.

Zoosk has over 40 million accounts, so the chances of meeting someone who checks your list of requirements for a potential love interest are high. However, overweight people join sites knowing that there are people who may like their personality, but they draw the line when it comes to one’s weight.

Meeting online is a popular way of building short-term and long-term connections. According to Pew Research Center, 12% of people who have use.

How Zoosk Aids With Weight Loss.


Zoosk Insists On The Use Of Real Photos.

Finding friends may be the motivation you never thought you needed for weight loss. One of the prompts is to upload a photo when signing up for Zoosk. Although some sites are not keen on photos, Zoosk has a policy against misleading potential interests with photos that are not a true representation of your appearance.

Unfortunately, many people, including overweight people, misrepresent themselves using other people’s photos or altering their images to get the attention of other Zoosk users. This leaves many people feeling cheated, especially when they finally meet the person and realize they have fallen in love with a photo shopped image.

Fortunately, you can skip the upload photo option and add it later. This gives you a chance to have the wish to have.

When you are ready to upload your photo;

  • Choose an angle that captures your attractive features.
  • Ensure you are alone in the photo. Group photos may work against you, plus you don’t want to keep explaining who you are in the photos.
  • You may choose to add several photos to the profile. These photos should depict your lifestyle. For example, you can have photos of you hiking, hanging out with friends, and participating in athletic events. However, you shouldn’t use images containing your friends if you don’t have their permission. However, your profile picture should be a single shot of you.
  • Don’t edit the image to change your appearance.


Zoosk Live

Zoosk Live allows you to communicate via live video, like on Instagram or TikTok. If you want to get people to show interest in your profile faster, you can use Zoosk live. However, you will be exposing yourself to millions of people simultaneously, and they get to react to your video.

You want to look your best in Zoosk Live because some people can be brutal. You don’t want to give toxic people an excuse to bash you, especially over something you can control, like your weight.

Losing weight is hard, but with discipline, determination, and a lifestyle change, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

If you intend to use the Zoosk Live feature, you should realize that in the same way you are drawn to videos with attractive people, you also need to be attractive for others to find you appealing.

Zoosk Live is another way of revealing your personality to people who look beyond the physical. However, it is important to remember people often judge what they see even before you speak.

Remember, Zoosk users are exposed to thousands of images, and you need to stand out for them to give you a second look and listen to what you have to say one-on-one.

SmartPick Technology

Zoosk uses SmartPick technology. It uses algorithms to match Zoosk users with people who match their preferences. This saves you time because, instead of you interviewing potential people to see if they are the ideal pick, the system does it for you.

The SmartPick technology is intuitive, such that if you have listed people living within a certain radius, it eliminates profiles of people who live far from you. The app then breaks down your interest further by going for individual traits, such as height, weight, race, and age.

Other Zoosk members use the same technology, so you want a higher chance of grabbing someone else’s interests. You should update your profile regularly, especially after you shed some weight.

Otherwise, you will only be exposed to profiles of people who do not mind doing overweight people. This forces you to settle with whomever you meet instead of choosing the best profiles.

When you haven’t did in a while, you can easily remain in the comfort zone where your weight doesn’t bother you. Actively searching for a long-term will help you focus on your weight loss goals.