The Best Office Chairs For Your Home Office

No matter how good the chair is: it must also be adaptable to the body dimensions. Long periods of work on poorly adjusted desk swivel chairs can be detrimental to health in the long term, such as neck and back pain. The 13 chair models selected for the test can be individually adjusted. They cost around 230 and 390 

Ergonomic office chairs for the home office

Such ergonomic office chairs are often used intensively and stressed in everyday life, for example by students or in the home office. In the tests, they, therefore, had to meet similar requirements as chairs that are provided in offices for employees.

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Quality is not a question of price. Only five models do well – and quality is not a question of price: the test winner is one of the more expensive models, but the cheapest office swivel chair follows immediately afterward in the test. Many chairs miss a good judgment because of the risk of injury to the fingers. Two desk chairs broke in the stress test: Inadequate. One of the two also proved to be not stable enough.

Tips and tests for the home office

Have you enjoyed working from home but no longer want to stare at the small laptop screen? The Stiftung Warentest has recently also tested monitors. If you need a decent camera for your daily video conference, you will find suitable models in our webcam test. We show you how to adapt your chair to your body dimensions in the special office chair setting. Our special home office and mobile working deals with the rights employees have in the home office. And our special home office reveals how you can save taxes with the home office.

Further, the general cost of washing machine repair midpoint is $150 to $300. The average homeowner pays $200 for fixing an awful seal or faulty water level switch, both common issues. The most minimal expense to repair washing machine issues like a harmed hose is $100. 

Sit comfortably and protect your back

Together with five test persons of different sizes, our experts determined how well the chairs can be adjusted and how well-seated people can be supported. They assessed the heat and moisture development between the upholstery and thighs or back after sitting for one hour. The bottom line is that all office chairs offer good seating comfort. However, it is always advisable to sit down to try it out before buying. With some chairs, for example, the seat cannot be lowered very far or shortened by pushing it back. This can be a problem for people with short thighs or lower legs. 

To keep moving

All models in the office chair comparison promote active sitting – with synchronous mechanics. This rocking function is intended to prevent people sitting in one position from remaining in one position and risking incorrect loads. If it is activated, the backrest tilts backward when you lean back and the front edge of the seat rises slightly at the same time. The back remains supported and the body in motion. 

Seven chairs with pinching points and sharp edges

Every second candidate in the test has a security problem. Seven chairs pose the risk of people getting their fingers trapped under the armrests. Five office chairs in the test passed the safety tests very well or well.

Pollutants in the cover or wood

Most chairs passed our pollutant test with very good to satisfactory results. Only in two cases were the grades worse: One model contains naphthalene in the upholstery fabric of the backrest, which is suspected of causing cancer. Since the content is below the limit of the GS mark for tested safety, we still rate it as sufficient. Another desk chair in the test releases formaldehyde, which can cause cancer. The pollutant can escape into the room air from the wooden seat shell on the inside. We also rate this as sufficient, because the release is below the limit value used by the regulatory authorities.

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