The best natural oils to make your hair glow

Essential oils are obtained from plants through methods of extraction and evaporation. They have long been utilized in Eastern and alternative medicines thanks to their efficiency and low risks of side effects.

The vital benefit that some critical essential oils have is improving hair health. Various natural oils positively affect hair – from increasing hair growth to adding volume and shine.

  1. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

This lightweight oil treatment decreases hair breakage by 82%. Consisting of omega-rich oils, the product intensely nourishes while leaving your hair silky and shiny. The treatment effectively smooths frizz and defends against future damage. The combination of macadamia oil, argan oil, and vitamin E provides natural UV protection . 

2.Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Scalp and Hair Oil Treatment

Kiehl’s scalp and hair oil treatment infused with Avocado Oil and Rosemary Oil for hair instantly helps the scalp and hair feel nourished, improves control over your hair, and provides natural gloss. This pre-shampoo treatment suits all hair types and promotes a healthy scalp environment. 

3.Vegamour Advanced Hair Serum

This new formula containing citrus bergamia peel oil and hemp oil features excellent results. The oil penetrates through the dermis’s upper levels, reaching hair follicles at its root. This allows the unique blend of mung bean, red clover, curcumin, and nicotiana benthamiana extracts to distribute effectively through the problem areas to boost roots’ strength and improve the appearance of hair thickness.