The best Modern home lighting

Lighting modern homes is not an easy task. Keep in mind that it affects the environment and the mood we want to create in spaces. First of all, to choose lighting for homes, it is necessary to know spaces, measurements, furniture and decor.

This will help us know where to locate and which type of LED or decorative bulbs to be located. For this, the best thing is to have the house plans to conduct the lighting study. Plus minimal knowledge in interior design lighting.

Illumination of modern homes with the latest trends in lighting
There is currently a trend to use modern home spotlights, built into the ceiling “frameless”. These spotlights are adjustable and are ideal to replace traditional spotlights for homes. Less simple and made with frame or tabs.
In addition, the use of integrated elements gives flexibility to the interior lighting of modern homes. With this kind of luminaire, we achieve a clean visualization with a smooth ceiling picture. Above all he left the leading role of architecture.

How to light up the kitchen

In this place you spend more time and on many occasions you have to combine working light with more environmental lighting. We can use LED strips or spotlights on the countertop and pendant lamps on the kitchen table.

Using modern lamps in kitchen lighting can give your space a very modern style. Decorative lighting with elements of brass, brass or old plates, matches very well with materials for furniture and appliances. In the dining room lighting in the main photo, our adjustable “Russian Wooden” pendant lamp hangs over the billiards. Get an unparalleled effect in the lighting of this modern home.

For room lighting, the best way to distribute lights across the ceiling has been considered. A decorative lamp with a glass element was also installed as a screen on the bedside table. Another bedroom lighting idea was the customization of the LED coat rack. In lighting, as with most things, the importance is in the details. How many times have we not entered a home and felt like in the cold waiting room of the doctor’s office? This is where the ‘temperature’ or ‘color’ of light plays a major role.

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Bedroom lighting

Since you can actually count on the richer and more detailed lighting design for your home, this seemingly insignificant thing like choosing the wrong lamp will be able to ruin it. So the question arises: warm light or cold light? Well that depends, as we’ve seen, on the space and its usage. As a rule, for reading corners, work tables, the kitchen, bathrooms – especially in the mirror area – and dining tables, it is recommended to use cold lights that do not distort colors.

LED and modern home

When LED lights appeared, they had two major drawbacks: their high price and their extremely cold “temperature”. Over the years these faults have disappeared, and if they become more than affordable, they can also be found in a full range of temperatures and adapted to any type of luminaire. But this new appeal fails to obscure its main advantage, which is undoubtedly energy efficiency that will further reduce your electricity bill.

Table lamps and floor lamps: modern homes

Every room should have a general lighting circuit capable of being fully lit. Not only are these systems associated with a greater number of luminaires, and the consequent increase in your electricity bill, but you will likely also be able to illuminate the room excessively for certain uses. For this reason, one of the best resources you can take advantage of is to create a more precise parallel setup based on tiny points of light formed by the floor and table lamps.

With them, you will not only be able to completely change the sensations the room evokes in you, but also reduce the price of your bill – it’s not the same to power a table lamp more than six spotlights in the ceiling – and you have a series of pieces that are really classic and simple. Click here to know more.