The Best “Madden NFL” Games Ever: Honoring the Late John Madden

While John Madden is well known as a frequent commentator and as a Hall of Famer for his coaching days with the Oakland Raiders, he’s probably more known to today’s generation for his uber successful video game franchise “Madden NFL”.

For three decades, Madden’s name has been associated with the NFL as it has been tied to every legally licensed game for the league. The “Madden NFL” series is the only option for gamers looking for a complete NFL simulation experience, thanks to modern playbooks and team rosters, and of course, commentary from the great John Madden.

Since 1988, when John Madden Football was launched for Microsoft, EA Sports has delivered consistent “Madden” titles to the franchise. After he gave his initial approval, every year, gamers eagerly awaited the next “Madden NFL” title.

The latest edition, “Madden NFL 22”, was no different, but it wasn’t without its share of criticisms, due to the title suffering from a few bugs. Still, the series remains one a favorite among sports gamers. 

“Madden NFL” has delivered a number of classic installments, and with news of John Madden’s recent passing, we have put together a list of highlights from the Madden NFL series.

If you haven’t heard, Madden died unexpectedly in the days following Christmas. Though he was 85 years old, why he passed away is currently unknown. Death isn’t easy news for anyone. It isn’t like a slip and fall injury Trenton, for example. It can cause extreme grief to family and friends. If you or someone has to go through a situation like this or even an injury, it’s critical to contract New Jersey work injury lawyers to ensure there is no legal path to follow.

Madden NFL 2001

Released for the PlayStation 2 in 2000, “Madden NFL 2001” was praised by many publications as one of the best sports games ever at the time. New features and improved aesthetics attributed to its high rating.

Though 2001 was favored among many, the “Madden NFL” franchise would only only get better over the following years.

Madden NFL 2005

When “Madden NFL 2005” was first released, it received almost perfect reviews from notable review outlets. It would also help that it was the first in the franchise to have Xbox Live capability, which would go on to become a vital component in online gaming in the years to come.

There was the introduction of “feedback” to would-be Xbox Live challengers as well, which encouraged others to show sportsmanship. This would deter players from quitting in anger or displaying other poor sportsmanship.

There wasn’t much that gamers didn’t like about the 2005 iteration.

Madden NFL 2002

As with most of the early 2000 versions of Madden, “Madden NFL 2002” received rave reviews. It was loved for its rich visuals, extensive customization possibilities, and compelling local multiplayer mode at the time.

EA offered significant upgrades to almost every aspect of the game. It also boasts an improved create-a-player function and fantasy draft, along with many other enhancements.

Madden NFL 2003

When it comes to Madden titles, “Madden NFL 2003” is named among the top 100 games of all time. Many believe it was the total package, offering enhanced gameplay, realistic NFL integration, and a slew of extras.

The online multiplayer mode was a series first and made it a must for players. This was the first time since the start of the Madden franchise that you could play with others without having to be together. It changed the game.


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