The Best Macbook Data Recovery Tool Reviewed

Losing data is very common due to hardware failure, hard disk failure, or system failure. In such conditions, only two solutions work perfectly, which is a backup or mac data recovery software.

However there are a few other methods as well, but data recovery chances are higher when you use software or backup. While hunting for the best mac data recovery software, we came across Recoverit which is a reliable data recovery software for macOS as well as windows.

So we decided to give it a try and the results were not disappointing. Therefore, we thought of sharing it with our readers, in case any of you need such tools in the future.

Here’s our unbiased and detailed review of Recoverit.

What is Recoverit?

Recoverit is a data recovery software that is trusted by millions of people around the world. The best part about using it and trusting it is that it is a product of Wondershare technologies, which is behind the Filmora X video editor, famous among the vloggers and video editors.

As of now, Recoverit is available for macOS and Windows operating systems and is capable of recovering deleted data from your PC, hard disk, USB stick, camera, and more.

Let’s learn more about Recoverit by looking at its features.

What are the features of Recoverit?

Lots of File formats – There are over 1000 file formats that can be recovered using Recoverit. Be it videos, audios, documents, Recoverit will bring back anything that you ask for at no additional cost.

Recover from anywhere – Recoverit is not just for your computer but also the devices that you can connect to it such as USB sticks, external drives, cameras, iPods, and whatnot.

Better recovery rates – Data recovery is not possible in some cases, but Recoverit’s technology is capable of recovering such type of data as well.

Easy to use – The software is easy to use, has a clean user interface, and requires only minimum efforts to start the data recovery process. In brief, it is just a three step process to start recovering lost data from a device using Recoverit.

Repair Videos – This is a new feature introduced in the updated version of Recoverit, which helps you to recover the corrupted video files. You can repair videos of all types of cameras such as go pros, drone cameras, and dash cams. The supported formats include WMV, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, and 3GP files and you can always preview the repaired video files before saving them.

Recover Photos – Similar to video recovery, you can also recover corrupted images of various formats and preview them before restoring.

Recover data from crashed macOS – Computers and laptops often crash due to various factors, such as malware attacks, hardware failures, or accidental damage. In such cases, chances of data loss are high, which can easily be recovered using Recoverit.

Pricing of Recoverit

All of these amazing features are available at affordable rates. The plans are divided into three types, let’s find out below.

  • Monthly license – The monthly plan is available for 2 mac devices at a price of $109.99 per month. It has all the features like data recovery, bootable toolkit, and advanced recovery.
  • Yearly license – The yearly license is priced at $139.99, available for 2 devices which also includes all the features, i.e, data recovery, bootable toolkit, and advanced recovery.
  • Lifetime license – This one is the recommended plan for those who wish to renew the license, as it costs only $169.99 and will give you lifetime updates of the product.

Yearly and monthly subscriptions can be canceled anytime you want.

Are Data recovery tools worth it?

The short answer is Yes! Data recovery tools are worth it as long as they are doing what’s mentioned in their features list. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that data recovery tools can recover lost data no matter when you lost it, but it should not be overwritten by any other data.

Final Words

Recoverit so far is one of the best mac data recovery software we have come across. You can recover lost data even on a crashed windows or mac device that is not booting up using the bootable toolkit which comes with all three plans of Recoverit.

At last, if you have no backup of the lost data, Recoverit is the last option for you!!!