The Best Local AEC Software Reseller in the US

Not a single design company in the world today can do without professional software that allows you to create flat or three-dimensional engineering graphic images, significantly reducing user labor costs. However, such programs in a licensed version are very expensive, and on the website of Local AEC Software Reseller in the US, anyone can choose second-hand software that is cheaper, but without compromising the functionality and effectiveness of the result.

What products are present in ProCADIS?

·         All AutoDesk AutoCAD products dating from 2015 to 2023 are licensed permanently, short or long-term.

·         Digital computer-aided design systems based on CAD technology, AutoDesk AutoCAD, LT.

·         Innovative 3D design software that allows you to create building concepts with detailed facades, exteriors, and other elements.

·         Modern software for teamwork with the function of synchronizing changes through a network version, which is depleted of several computers at once, such as AutoDesk AutoCAD Revit.

·         Specialized graphics applications, optional additions to classic AutoCAD such as AutoDesk Building Suite Ultimate (or Premium), AutoDesk Inventor Professional, AutoDesk AutoCAD Map 3D and other applications.

·         Special software for architects – AutoDesk AutoCAD Architecture.

·         Highly specialized programs for engineers of related sections AutoDesk AutoCAD Electrical, AutoDesk AutoCAD Mechanical.

What is the price of the smart products offered by ProCADIS?

·         Prices for software rental start from 10 – 20 US dollars per month.

·         Purchasing a license for the software offered on the website will cost between $150 – $250.

·         All prices are formed based on the internal marketing policy of suppliers of an intellectual product, while ProCADIS is a regular intermediary trading platform that regulates the honesty, transparency of the transaction, and commercial attractiveness of offers from both parties to the transaction.

·         ProCADIS provides its services similar to the well-known eBay online trading exchange, the basis of which is the balance of supply and demand, respectively, from buyers and sellers around the world.

·         It should be noted that the market for second-hand software and AutoDesk products is just beginning to develop, and it is not always easy to assess the objectivity of the price offered by the seller. In this regard, the ProCADIS technical support service is always ready to provide detailed advice to customers on the advisability of purchasing or renting a particular product at the proposed rates.

What is the pricing policy of the suppliers?

·         Some suppliers use marketing tricks – they offer pre-fixed prices for their products, after which they make big discounts, up to 90% on the initial price.

·         Many vendors also use marketing gimmicks such as selling or leasing an inexpensive smart product that needs constant maintenance, and this service is already expensive. In this regard, some customers prefer to refuse the service and seek help from third-party companies on more favorable terms, if possible.

·         It should be noted that the licensed creator may be against the sale or rental of his second-hand intellectual product by other suppliers, insisting on a maximum discount of no more than 20%, but ProCADIS strives to resolve such issues before they arise.

How is the service carried out?

·         The most valuable are new products, the service technical support for which is still valid from the licensed developer, and such software is more expensive than outdated versions.

·         For new software products, customers will no longer need to purchase a maintenance license for a whole year from the start of this software, as technical support is included in the price of the purchased license.

·         Thus, the customer has the opportunity, using ProCADIS services or through direct negotiations with providers, to agree in advance on a favorable price for maintenance after the termination of this service at the end of the year of the use of the new AutoDesk product. As a rule, the seller in this case makes concessions, since he needs to sell an expensive fresh product, in contrast to the old software, where the customer is obliged to conclude a service contract immediately upon closing the transaction to ensure the smooth operation of his program.

·         ProCADIS never rents a trading space on an electronic marketplace, as each service provider is required to conclude a partnership agreement.

·         Suppliers are also interested in legalizing relationships with ProCADIS, as this allows them to offer promotions and quickly expand their customer base.

·         In many cases, the licensed developer is also interested in a new market for the sale of their software products, primarily their outdated versions. This means that the developer company can no longer receive money from the licensed seller, but opens up new sources of income from the sale of intellectual products in the secondary second-hand market.

·         The income of the licensed developer is formed from technical support, which must be requested by every customer, a new user of a used product.

·         Thus, ProCADIS supports the conclusion of a tripartite agreement between the trading platform, the provider, and the licensed developer, which eliminates disputes and conflicts, and the end user will be able to work freely with the software he needs.

Third-Party Support Providers

·         Outdated products can be serviced not only by the licensed developer but also by individual third-party companies that offer this service to customers.

·         On the trading platform, such reputable companies in a narrowly focused market as Rimini Street, Spinnaker Support, Alui, Support Revolution, and CedarCrestone officially work and offer technical support services.

·         Sometimes providers initially agree on mutually beneficial terms of cooperation with technical support companies and offer the consumer a complex product that has great value and can cost more.

Why is quality software important for business?

·         The buyer receives exactly the intellectual product, fully licensed and legal, that he needs.

·         Working relationships with software developers and license developers are always maintained.

·         Possibility to choose a maintenance service both among official companies and third-party services.

·         The flexibility of doing business, the ability to use old licensed products. provided that the end user does not require all the innovative features, and the controlling services accept license keys for those programs that have already gone out of circulation.

·         It should be noted that ProCADIS does not sell fake products, which guarantees uninterrupted operation and the highest quality of design.

·         As practice shows, renting a software license by an end customer for an average period of using a software product of 3-5 years is 20% – 30% more profitable than purchasing a new product directly from the licensed developer.

The ProCADIS exchange is constantly updated with new software products, providing competition between suppliers, which leads to quality optimization and retail price settlement for both the purchase and rental of trade items.