The Best Interactive post Video Genres Of 2022

At the end of 2021 we looked at the thousands of interactive post videos created on Cinema8 last year, what types of interactions are most used in these videos and how effectively they affect customer performance. Advance the interactive post video industry by 2022.

While interactive post video remains “everything” in converting video from one-way content to dynamic, personalized, and engaging video content, we are also seeing the growing popularity of “result-oriented” interactive post video categories. We anticipate these outcomes, or intent-based interactive post video templates, to dominate in 2022 as sales teams, marketing organizations, corporate communications managers, coaches, and educators recognize the power of interactive post video to drive engagement, drive action, and deliver results through video content to record Personal and practical.

So in 2022 we will see the interactive post video industry grow significantly to achieve the following business outcomes:

1. Use interactive post “Branch” or “Choose your Adventure” videos to increase the speed with which viewer’s access content or information that interests those most, to increase engagement and promote desired actions.

2. Activate and test products and products in videos to create interactive post, buyable videos that encourage product discovery, enrich multimedia content to aid product descriptions, and most importantly, encourage viewers to trade and buy by click on the video they are adding to the.

3. Add lead capture triggers to video content on websites and landing pages to capture the video viewer’s contact information at the most appropriate moment of interest based on or based on a specific trigger, action, or event that directs the audience Maximized lead conversion placement. Of course, Cinema8’s interactive post video lead capture function synchronizes these leads directly with the CRM of your choice such as Hub spot, Sales force or anything you can connect.

4. Activate corporate video training content and make it understandable and consumable for participants and take the next step in training programs. By integrating incremental images, videos, or web content into a training video, asking questions to test understanding in the learning process, and signaling commitment and completion, training administrators can convert static video content into meaningful and engaging content.

5. Create highly personalized marketing video assets with personalized content for your marketing links, dynamically change your video experience based on how they respond to prompts such as buttons or questions, and evolve as your customers move through the Move sales funnel.

6. Get audience feedback or conduct consumer research on video content through timely contextual polls and polls to uncover unique insights into viewers, their interests, or their reactions to video content.

It is very easy to create any of these types of videos in Cinema8. With just a few clicks, you can launch any of Cinema8’s interactive post video solutions.

Branched / choose your own adventure movies

Let viewers “choose their own adventure” in your videos by dynamically scrolling through your video or multiple linked videos. Branched videos can be accessed using the many interactive post tools in Cinema8.

Add sections, buttons, hotspots, images, or questions to encourage viewers to choose what to watch next. Chapters can be displayed as a table of contents that is permanently “fixed” in the film in order to facilitate navigation through the film.

Set these viewer actions to change the time in your video or to switch to a different video or a full time. Watching a video no longer has to be linear and you will never lose value when your content spans multiple source video assets.

Use the navigation controls to automatically guide your viewers to their original starting point to discover more content or to take the next step in the navigation.