The best ICO list for investing

Here you can find the best ICO offers for new cryptocurrencies and coin project. With this ICO list you can find current ICOs as new crypto currency and buy ICO coins. Thus, you can invest early in new blockchain projects.


1) Osmium (OiCOiN)

With Osmium Investment Coin (OiCOiN) you participate in the sale of the rare precious metal osmium as a raw material for industry and as a precious metal for investment. Osmium is the rarest and densest precious metal in the world. The already existing company Osmium Institute from Germany has developed a patented crystallization process for toxic osmium in years of research. As a result, the element loses its toxicity. No other company has this know-how (monopoly). This creates new opportunities for industrial application and storage as an investment.


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2) Lasercoin (LZR)

Lasercoin is a digital decentralised payment unit based on the Ethereum blockchain. The LZR Coin makes it possible to receive and send money worldwide with low transaction fees. Lasercoin can easily be used as a means of payment in various online shops and on gaming portals. Payment is safe, quick and transparent. The Lasercoin LTD, already has many contractual partners at this moment and the number is increasing every day. Lasercoin can now be traded for hundreds of other coins on various trading platforms. Lasercoin is currently listed on and uniswap.



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3) Data Block Chain (Big Data)


Data Block Chain is a marketplace for big data. It’s supposed to revolutionize the way companies capture data. The provider democratizes data and makes it easier and cheaper available. This allows customers to access records in a cost-effective and transparent manner and collects exactly what they need. For this, own proprietary data should be merged with many large databases. Government data, industry-specific data, voting records, business data, real estate data, credit data, etc. Thus, all participants without intermediaries receive exactly the nuanced data they are looking for. The vendor has already collected over 16 million dollars in the presale phase! In addition, an MVP is already online!


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4) Black Insurance (Insurance)


Black Insurance is the marketplace for insurance companies, brokers and investors. Insurances are so far expensive, complicated and slow, because all decisions in a bureaucracy are made by a few people in a few insurance companies. The provider wants to introduce virtual insurance companies with a democratic marketplace who can design and sell their own innovative insurance products. These products are supported by tokens, so that investors receive insurance profits. With Blockchain making it much more efficient to manage insurance, these products will also be cheaper and more profitable. Black Insurance attacks the entire $ 4 trillion insurance market. With this link you get 5% more bonus.


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4) Madana

Madana from Germany is the sidechain project of the German LISK Blockchain. The MADANA Marketplace is an open platform for data analysis. This is to protect the privacy of the Blockchain. The ecosystem allows anyone to keep control over their data and monetize it anonymously. The vendor strives for a DSGVO compliant way of data processing, which enables new business models for future apps and services. This ICO has a license from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

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