The Best Hemorrhoid Treatments

Do you want to know the best hemorrhoid treatment? You have a choice between natural treatment, use of topical medication, pills or surgery. I have done extensive research on hemorrhoids- its origin, treatment and prevention. Let me share this knowledge with you.

Do you know that the best possible hemorrhoid treatment is preventing piles or hemorrhoids and use of natural cure?

To take away the symptoms hemorrhoids, it is best to have sitz baths by soaking the rectal area in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes for at least 3 to 4 times daily. Take pain medicines to stop aching of hemorrhoids. Apply ice pack to inflamed hemorrhoids in 10 to 15 minutes for at least 5 times daily. Keep the anal area dry by applying cornstarch or baby powder to absorb any moisture. Put a large piece of cotton between the buttocks to absorb excessive moisture.

Use any of the following herbs that are proven very helpful in treating hemorrhoids: Japanese pagoda tree extract for itching and pain from hemorroids; Butcher’s broom to lessen inflammation and treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids; horse chestnut tree that can increase the strength of the veins in the anal area; berberine-rich plants are proven blood purifier used for hemorrhoids; need extract for treating external hemorrhoids and many more.

To shrink the hemorrhoids to normal size, use topical medications. First clean the entire rectal area with warm water after each bowel movement and apply topical medications. It may take 2 to 4 weeks to completely treat your hemorrhoids. If your condition does not improve, consult a physician. The physician may recommend surgery especially for thrombosed hemorrhoids.

I have compiled the best hemorrhoids treatment. I done extensive researched on hemorrhoid prevention and use of the natural cure for hemorrhoids. I wish to share with you the “miracles” of natural treatment which is not only cost saving but very effective in treating hemorrhoids. I have prepared answers to frequently asked questions about hemorrhoids in my hemorrhoid cure guide.