The Best Free Online Music Streaming Sites

From relaxation to entertainment, music is everywhere. If you often listen to music on your computer, it may be time to check out these free online music streaming sites, you can open them anytime and listen to your favorite music right away.

Free Music Streaming Sites:


When listening to western music, Spotify may be your best choice. Although Spotify is not available in India and some countries, you can use VPN software to open Spotify outside of the United States. Has a very dynamic user interface that users really like. Similar to Google Play Music, you can search for songs in different situations, genres, artists, albums, etc. The free version of Spotify allows users to skip songs five times a day


Although it is not available in other countries outside of the United States, it is still very popular due to its minimalist user interface and free availability. Pandora (Pandora) is more like a radio station where you can create a specific radio station and play songs at your leisure. The music collection isn’t as big as Google Play Music or Spotify, but if you don’t always do it, it’s probably not enough to just listen to music. Speaking of limits, you can play 6 times an hour, only 24 hours a day. Just like a video streaming site couchtuner which allows the same. People use many other sites like couchtuner to streaming and you can use other site for streaming.

Google Play Music:

It is probably the most reliable and user-friendly site where you can find and play lots of music in different situations. On this site you can find everything from music in the local language to 90s hit songs, and you can also find music by mood, genre, artist, album, etc. If you need music during exercise or travel, you can find a song or soundtrack on the Google Play Music site. As the name suggests, this is a Google product that can be used by logging into your Gmail account. The only obstacle is that it is not available in all countries of the world.

Sound Cloud:

Unlike Google Play Music and Spotify, you can use free SoundCloud plays without creating an account, which makes the process faster and easier. But logging into your account gives you access to other features. After recording, you can listen to 120 million audio tracks. As with other music streaming sites, you can search for music to find artists, albums, playlists, downloaders (people), etc. The music player looks minimalist and doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth. is completely different from other regular music streaming sites. It’s actually music streaming but with video. It collects videos on YouTube and users can watch videos at the same time without leaving the site. You can find your music on the basis of the best songs and singers. When you open the artist page, you can find all the information about that person, including short biographies, best songs, albums, etc. Of course, it will consume more traffic than all of the other sites mentioned above.