The Best Fitbit Apps To Improve You Fitness

Are you willing to improve the performance of your Fitbit band? If yes, you can go for adding different Fitbit apps on it to meet up your goals efficiently. The introduction of Fitbit has made it easier for users to continue to shape how they can balance their nutritional and physical habits. 

As the demand for smart bands has rapidly increased in the marketplace, it changed the ecosystem of Fitbit to a greater extent. Fitbit created icons to understand our health status.

 A wide range of Fitbit applications is available today that you can use to improve your Fitbit’s performance and meet your fitness goals efficiently. If you are also planning to get one on your device and don’t know about the same, here we are with the leading options.

Best Fitbit Apps to Improve Your Daily Fitness


Barcodes are one of the leading Fitbit apps available in the marketplace, making it easier for users to turn their Fitbit into a digital wallet for their rewards and membership cards. It is a free application that works on barcodes. Users must scan the barcodes and enter the number beneath them and sign the phone app first. It would help if you waited patiently for the saving and synchronization of the same on your device. Once done, you can open Barcodes on your Fitbit tracker and scroll up and down to get the desired cards effortlessly.

It is another leading Fitbit App available in the market that ensures users have seamless Fitbit integrations. It is a beautiful application that you can use to communicate with your friends and talk about your fitness goals. You can create recipes here that make it easier to meet the milestones efficiently. It is a comprehensive application that can significantly assist almost all aspects of your life. Users here can easily schedule their future workouts and record the results effortlessly. You can read more about different Fitbit models on

C25K Trainer

C25K Trainer is a beautiful Fitbit application that makes it easier for users to convert couch potatoes into mid-distance runners in the minimum period. The application’s home screen reminds you about the different programs they have set on a particular day. It is a great application that can assist you in meeting up your fitness goals efficiently. The application mainly aims to coax users to better health and stamina. The application summarizes the session’s metrics, calories burned, and distance covered.


Strava is another leading name in the list of best Fitbit apps already profoundly integrated with the Fitbit band. It is an iconic application that boosts one’s morale to acquire high health and stamina. Users here are served with highly functional and excellently designed applications that make it easier for you to meet your health goals efficiently. The application features headlines in Matched Runs. The app remembers the chosen routes, and every time you go through the same way, it automatically puts the different key stats together from your previous attempts, making it easier for you to check your performance and improvements efficiently.


MyFitnessPal is a beautiful nutrition-tracking application that assists users in counting the calories they have consumed throughout the day. The application is quite helpful for all who are willing to reduce weight now and are meeting up some calorie restrictions. 

The application makes it easier to know what you eat and how many calories you eat. One can easily connect MyFitnessPal with the Fitbit weight loss feature to enjoy better services.

SpO2 Tracker

Another free Fitbit application is available in the market that makes it easier for Fitbit users to track their dedicated SpO2 level efficiently, even every night’s sleep. It is a dedicated SpO2 tracker app that keeps track of your blood oxygen levels and helps you acquire better functionality and health without any issues.

Starbucks Card

Starbucks Card is another excellent Fitbit application on the list that conveniently makes it easier for you to get the Starbucks coffee fix every morning. The application makes it easier for users to pay with their Starbucks card, even from their wrists. It is a convenient and easy-to-use application that keeps you away from the headache of carrying your wallet or phone along with you all the time. It would help if you scanned your Fitbit at the counter. Once done, you can get your coffee conveniently.


So, Guys! These are the best Fitbit applications you can easily opt for to acquire high-end performance from your Fitbit band. All the applications included above are high-end performers and make it easier for users to meet their health goals efficiently. The applications included are not just convenient enough but also affordable and reliable.