The Best Estate Agent Firm in Marylebone

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic reared its deadly head, it has put the world to a standstill, forcing businesses to close down. Movement was restricted with curfews and city lockdowns put in place to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Thanks to that, businesses had to find alternate means of reaching their customers. Has COVID affecting selling property in Central London.

The estimate of the London real estate industry was thought to be worth eight trillion Euros before the pandemic, making properties in London among the most costly in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Millions of workers have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of them have had their salary decreased with others declared redundant by companies staring at total lockdowns. The social distancing rules put in place along with the lockdowns meant that potential buyers found it virtually impossible to view properties. Estate agents of Marylebone could not could not interact face to face with clients and other professionals or move freely between properties. This was a severe blow to an industry, which depends a lot on personal interactions.

When it comes to any property market, surveyors are significant professionals. Their job is to survey the property for sale for both the buyer as well as the seller. However, with the onset of the pandemic, these professionals had to change their operations. The majority of them depended to offer desktop valuations by making use of different data points to arrive at property valuations remotely. Due to this, it has become mandatory for them to acquire the locations of the estates, its historical information, and other info that is required for their work.

The technology of remote viewing has been of great benefit to Marylebone Estate Agents. Nowadays, agents armed with a smart phone or laptops are now able to view properties and take clients on virtual tours as well. Real estate professionals have made their work doable by utilising remote viewing capabilities, despite the unparalleled challenge posed by the Coronavirus.

Jeremy James and Company

You can find many estate agent firms in Marylebone, but Jeremy James and Company is one of the finest. Founded in 1994, the company has many years of experience making them professionals in all facets of the industry. They deal in the letting of residential areas, sale, management of property, consultation, and medical buildings to the satisfaction of their clients.

Choosing this company provides you with a great advantage in the sense that many of their buildings are in close quarters. This implies that a professional of the company can be available to meet the needs of the client at any time, making emergencies easy to handle. Additionally, the company has a strategic partnership with an experienced maintenance firm. Thanks to this, it is convenient for them to provide 24×7 service to its customers. Contact Jeremy James today for all your property questions in and around London.

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