The Best Early Habits Parents Should Teach Their Kids

One of the first things that parents notice early on is that simply telling their children what to do is much less effective than actually showing them. This is why the following habits are meant to be also practiced by the parents as well, not just told to their children to do. The next challenge is deciding what exact habits need to be taught early on to their children. Thus the following includes some of the best habits parents should teach their kids and how to implement them to see a successful result.

Cleaning After Themselves

Although there is some debate as to when children should be asked to clean after themselves, most people can agree that the age of five is a good time to start. This is because most children are already walking, talking, and understand verbal commands. Making this a habit for them allows them to understand the importance of the items they have as well as the space they occupy. Although they may not know it, they are developing a sense of responsibility that should be very beneficial to them once they enter pre-school.


At some point in their lives, most children are going to go through a lying phase. This is a critical part of their life where parents need to pay extra attention to their actions. In fact, it is the perfect moment to begin teaching honesty to their children. This can be done by demonstrating the consequences of lying as well as the benefits of owning up to their mistakes. For example, if a child breaks an object within the home and lies about it, clearly demonstrating the pros and cons of admitting the truth is critical to avoiding another moment where they lie to you.

Spending Time with Family

Unfortunately, this is a habit that is often ignored. Not because people don’t care about their family but because they believe that their children are naturally going to feel loved and cared for. This is not always the case. Children need to form the habit of spending time and talking with their family members. This allows them to understand that they have someone to talk to whenever they are dealing with something in their lives. Unfortunately, many parents tend to want to apply this habit when their children are already teenagers, which is often too late. So, how can you build this habit in your children? Simple, spend time with them any chance you get. If they are watching a movie, sit down and watch it with them. You may also take the entire family to the park where you can play a friendly game of basketball or soccer.

Love of Reading

Perhaps one of the most important habits that a child should learn early on is not only being able to read but also love the act of reading. Reading allows them to enhance their vocabulary at a much faster pace as well as improve their critical thinking ability. Parents can help their children form this habit by reading to them as much as possible. This allows children to see reading as something to look forward to rather than something they are simply told to do. In addition, reading can also help them improve their discipline and even create self-confidence in themselves. If your child has reading difficulties, getting help from teachers who specialize in Orton Gillingham training for kids with reading disabilities.

As you can see from the list above, instilling the right habits early on in a child’s life can drastically affect how they develop over the years. Although there are plenty of more habits that should be taught to children, the ones listed above are considered to be the most important for parents to begin concentrating on.