The Best Dining Tables from Wood and What Type Of Wood Is Perfect For You

Wood has been used for furniture and décor as long as humanity can remember, and our fascination with wood never seems to cease. Wood is lasting, natural material that possesses its inner elegance. It does not need paint or a lot of details to be beautiful. This is why a dining table made of wood is a chic addition to any interior that immediately upgrades it to a level of designer’s creation. Even the simplest style in natural wood color, tinted with oil or varnish, will make a difference for better. Mixed with iron details, marquetry or with epoxide inserts, wooden tables will make a true centerpiece of any room. If you want to assure yourself how beautiful such tables are, visit and let your eyes feast on them (and pick the one you like most right on the spot).

Dining tables made of wood are versatile in that they will fit into any interior, and they can be combined with any type of chairs, from rustic to avant-garde. This is why when considering the purchase of a table, think wood first. But what wood to choose? What is the difference, except the price tag?

Every type of wood has its specifications, like density, grain and weight. Read on to learn about them and make a right decision.

Oak tables

Oak is one of the heaviest wood types, in direct meaning. An oak table will be hard to move or to lift, so once you place it, better let it be, then. So choose its location carefully in advance, to avoid hassle and trouble of moving it. But on the plus side, your kids won’t be able to topple it or kick it around the room during their wild gaming sessions.

Oak is very sturdy and long-lasting. It will age well and look great with every new coat of polish or varnish. Oak is grainy, in the sense that grain is visible and palpable. It gives oak its unique appearance and appeal with customers. No wonder that oak furniture is the most expensive. If you can afford it – buy an oak table.

Walnut tables

Walnut goes next to oak in terms of weight. It is lighter than oak but heavier than other types of wood. Walnut grain is elongated and flowing, as if a designer created it in an attempt to imitate wood grain but make it exceptionally elegant. Patterns change from dark to light in long flowing waves, which renders this wood sleek and airy.  Walnut furniture tends to have simple and slim design to highlight the beauty of material. So if you want something Scandi-like but on the chic side, pick a walnut dining table.

Maple tables

Maple has silky wood, if it is possible to make such a comparison. Its grain is fine, almost invisible, which makes its surface smooth. When light is reflected in a maple table, you can think it is covered with matching silk shawl. This particular kind of style makes maple fir for all kinds of dining sets, from ordinary to formal. If silky maple is paired with shiny epoxide, the effect is mind-blowing. It is also cheaper than oak and walnut, but some kinds of maple can be pricier than others.

Ash tables

Ash is light in color, light in weight and light on your wallet (in comparison to other woods). Ash is durable, has medium density and takes stains and finishes well. So whether you want it in its natural warm beige color or plan to have it tinted, you will have no problem with it. Ash table will be easy to handle and pleasing to your eye. It will also pair well with both dark and light chairs. This is one of the most affordable but stylish options, so whenever facing the tough choice, go for ash.

Tables made of fir (soft and light wood)

The cheapest and the softest wood. It has pleasing light color and is great for woodwork. This wood is very light, so you will have no troubles in moving it around the room when necessary.  But if it is not dried well, it will split or crack as soon as temperature will rise. So be careful to ask about its drying term. We deal only in well dried wood, so you may be sure that you will purchase a durable item.