The Best Construction Management Software For Contractors in 2021

Do you have a construction business? Perhaps you’ve been struck by the pandemic and are hoping to get back on your feet? Or maybe you’re just starting and have decided to go all out while property prices are low?

Construction management software helps builders, architects, and home builders manage ongoing construction projects. It can be used in various projects, from small to large-scale projects, from residential and commercial buildings to industrial buildings.

There are many all-in-one software developed by contractors and even universities specifically for contractors. But which one should you choose for your business? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Choosing the Best Software For Contractors: Getting Productive 

Construction management software is a high-end productivity platform. It allows contractors to manage their business from anywhere, anytime. Contractors and their teams can monitor and measure the progress of the construction.

Remember that there are also open-source tools available to help you become more productive. These could complement paid-for software. 

You can benefit from this software as it can prevent overruns and can lead to an increase in profits.

Productivity is currently in vogue. It is the way forward for a successful business. You could do many of the functions that the software does by yourself.

But this would involve running multiple programs and customizing your databases and contact lists by yourself. Save yourself time by investing in the right construction portfolio management software. 


JobProgress is the best construction management software overall. It is easy to use, has positive customer reviews, and contains a wealth of useful features. There is also an app and an online dashboard, and it is available for both Windows and Mac. It works amazingly on the newest Macs with the M1 chip.

JobProgress has many positive customer reviews. It also has a wide range of features. They include the ability to use it with other construction management software. It has many useful features and a great interface.

Contractors Software 

The Contractors Software Group was founded in 1984, and the company started developing software for residential and commercial construction in 1996 and 2000 with the development of software for construction management.

Contractors Software Group, one of the biggest construction management software companies globally, offers a wide range of software for residential, commercial, and residential projects.

It focuses on the specific needs of each sector and is ideal for more manageable jobs and small to medium-sized businesses.

The price of the Contractors Software Group varies depending on the features you need, whether you want to customize the solution or purchase a package.

You can get started for under $100 per month, but you will need to contact the company to get more pricing details.

Although it has a niche, you can choose it as the best option for smaller tasks because it is modular, so it can be purchased as a required feature and paid for with features that are better suited for larger tasks.

We also said that customer service was responsive and helpful. Overall, we were positive about how easy it was to track all the customers’ contracts and their specific needs and requirements.


Bluebeam is a tech company founded in Pasadena, California, in 2002. It has over 1.9 million users.

The company wants to assist you in implementing your projects that are planned in advance and on budget. It’s considered one of the best pieces of software for contractors

Bluebeam tech gurus work with design and construction experts, including architects, engineers, and designers from around the world.

Did you know Bluebeam is also used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FAA)? If it’s good enough for the U.S federal government, it should be good enough for your needs. 

Having said that, some customers found it overwhelming at first. Some feedback indicated that customer service wasn’t always helpful. Remember, though, that every customer experience is different. What hasn’t worked for someone else might be exactly what your company needs. 

Find Out What Your Needs Are

The best place to start is to contact Bluebeam to find out what levels are included. Be sure also to ask what additional customized options are available.

There might be a specific feature that you need for your business that isn’t included, and you need to pay extra for it. Another company might include this in their software as standard.

Be sure to ask your employees what software would most benefit them before you embark on this journey. There is no point in spending big bucks on a piece of software that your employees find difficult to use. 

The Best Construction Management Software Depends On Your Budget and Needs

The best construction management software depends on what you want. If you are starting, you might not have a big budget, and so you might want to invest in software that’s cheap to start with.

This way, you can get a feel for how you like it and whether it is beneficial to your needs. If you find that it is beneficial or you’d like a premium feature, you can then go ahead and invest in a more expensive package. 

Listen to your employee’s needs, and if they say they find the software difficult to use, consider moving to an alternative one. Equally, consider asking the company to provide training to your employees. 

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