The Best Career Opportunities for Psychology Majors

Psychology applies to a variety of fields. So if it is your major in college, it is good to know about the many career prospects available. Indeed, everyone has their priorities when it comes to future employment. Some prioritize salary, and others work environment and growth opportunities. 

In partnership with Jooble and the best website for Psychology students, we’ve narrowed down the top jobs one can choose from after graduation. The choice is based on several factors, including salaries, growth prospects, and work environment. 

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  1. Top 7 Best Jobs for Psychology Majors
    1. 1. Therapist

Therapists work with individual clients, couples, or groups. It is a fulfilling job where a professional helps clients to process their emotions, overcome traumas, and improve their general well-being. One can have an individual practice or join a professional organization. This type of work also offers flexibility in terms of schedule as you can often decide how many clients to take.

Therapists have specializations, such as 

  • Marriage and family counseling; 
  • Addiction counselors; 
  • Behavioral therapists; 
  • Divorce therapists; 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapists; 
  • Eating disorders professional; 
  • Trauma therapists, etc. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor and statistics, the demand for such professionals is growing more than the average rate. And the annual salary for a marriage and family counselor is about $49,880. But the actual rate depends on experience, type of specialization, clients you will work with, and location of the practice. 

  1. 2. Industrial Psychologist

Industrial or organizational professionals work within different organizations to make processes and communications more efficient and comfortable. They develop programs and training for groups based on their expertise. They are often employed at large companies and enterprises that need to balance collaboration with a lot of employees. 

A related position is called Engineering Psychologist. It is a highly-demanded position where one will work with the improvement of systems, operations, and equipment from a psychological perspective. Here the focus is rather on adjusting systems to humans so that the human-machine interaction is safe, efficient, and comfortable. To become an Engineering Psychologist, one will also need a decent understanding of processes and industry specifics. 

Such experts primarily work in the private sector and have reasonable salary expectations. The annual median rate is about $105,310. 

  1. 3. Clinical Psychologist

The duties include studying and diagnosing individuals, as well as designing individual treatment plans. Such experts work in a hospital environment and help people with mental challenges to get better. Having an individual practice or working for a private establishment is also possible. As an advanced position, it often requires a Doctorate. 

Clinical psychologist work with clients that also need medical help. So they might collaborate with psychiatrists to establish a treatment plan. It is a fulfilling job where you can make a substantial positive change in one’s life. However, it is pretty demanding in terms of responsibilities and stress. 

It is one of the largest areas of employment when it comes to Psychology majors. The average annual salary for clinical psychologists is $82,510. 

  1. 4. Forensic Psychologist

This job focuses on the behavior of people committing various crimes. Such experts analyze the data from crime scenes and interviews, document findings, and help with future cases with similar circumstances. In the majority of cases, such specialists work with law enforcement agencies.

Forensic psychologists help solve crimes by offering analysis of the evidence to describe the potential suspect and their behavioral patterns. They can also be essential for preparing a case for court and gathering a solid case. This work can be particularly stressful because working with crime scenes and criminals can be taxing. So it won’t be suitable for everyone. 

You might be developing criminal profiles, investigating abuse cases, preparing witnesses for court, or giving testimonies. This job usually requires a Doctorate as well. The average annual salary is $98,010. 

  1. 5. Neuropsychologist

It is another advanced position that requires a Doctorate Degree. Such experts focus on studying the human brain and cognitive science. The duties involve research, scans, tests, and working with people suffering from brain injuries. 

This position combines psychology, anatomy, and science. As an interdisciplinary position, it requires significant expertise in these particular fields. 

Also, such experts might work in the field of developing new tools and methods to treat conditions or explore the impact of drugs on the brain and nervous system. Typically, they work in research centers, hospitals, colleges, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The average annual salary is about $90,460. 

  1. 6. Psychiatrists

This is a medical career that is closely tied to Psychology. It is one of the highest-paying fields where Psychology is applied. But it requires a lot of effort to get in there. One needs about eight years of post-graduate studies, medical school (after BA), and about four years of residency to become a Psychiatrist. 

After that, you’ll become a doctor focusing on emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders. One can work at a hospital or have an individual practice. You’ll assess patients, provide diagnoses, and design a personal treatment plan based on their mental and physical state. Such specialists often work with more severe conditions than clinical psychologists. 

Such experts work with individual clients, make a diagnosis, and provide treatment plans. The mean average annual wage is $249,760. 

  1. 7. Human Resource Specialist

One can start with this career after acquiring Bachelor’s degree. HR specialists work in the private sector and governmental organizations. The duties include handling employee relations, providing training, recruiting, and ensuring a healthy and comfortable work environment. HR department hugely benefits from knowledge of Psychology, so such specialists are valued here. 

One needs strong communication skills as well as high emotional intelligence. The demand for HR specialists grows faster than the average rate. And the median annual wage is $62,290. Every organization needs an HR specialist. But the exact responsibilities depend on the type of positions, company, and industry. 

In Summary

Psychology offers vast job opportunities for professionals. Whether one prefers to work with people or conduct research, great options exist. Consider these top jobs when deciding on your career path.