The Best BAPE Hoodie

Bape is renowned for producing high-quality apparel and accessories, frequently at a lower cost than rival companies like Nike. Additionally, the business has a certain aesthetic appeal that few other companies can match, particularly regarding hoodies. In the 1980s and 1990s, they were all over the place, and their ubiquity has persisted ever since.

BAPE Hoodie features that will meet your demands, whether you’re looking for one for sports or Casual Street wear. Some are fantastic because they work well for both purposes, like the Bape Original Camo Shark Hoodie. This one is fashionable, has a timeless emblem, and is offered in various colors. It doesn’t have an excessively baggy fit and can be machine washed for easy maintenance.

What to know before you buy a BAPE Hoodie

Style and branding

It would help if you chose between a pull-on and a zippered style for Bape hoodies, as well as how apparent you want the branding to appear.

A pull-on is the best option if you enjoy hoodies with large graphics on the front. They are also a better option for loungewear because they are comfier without a zipper. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about draughts.

Small logos are frequently placed on the sleeves or where a breast pocket would typically be on zippered hoodies. Models with zippers have various advantages when it comes to wearing a hoodie or being versatile. Although it is still too chilly to take off your hoodie fully, you can unzip them when you want to let in a little bit of air. If you’re going to flaunt your T-shirt, you can do this for fashion reasons, unlike a pull-on.

Putting on or taking off a Zippered Hoodie

There are Bape hoodies with noticeable brandings, such as a sizable logo or typography on the front or sleeves. There are furthermore choices with less obvious branding, such as those with distinguishing stripes on the sleeves or a modest emblem near the breast pocket. Even some are available with absolutely no exterior marking to be seen.


Hoodies come in a variety of cuts, much like other clothes. While some are made to fit snugly, others offer a more relaxed fit. Most people choose a baggier amount for loungewear and a tighter cut for exercising and errand running. Of course, this is only a generalization, so pick the cut that appeals most to you.

BAPE Hoodie Features


Cotton and polyester are the primary materials used to make Bape hoodies. Because they are more robust and less likely to fade or pill from frequent washing, fabrics with a higher percentage of polyester tend to be better for performance wear. It is recommended to choose a material that is either 100% cotton or a blend with a high percentage of cotton if you want something that is exceptionally breathable. People who care about the environment may look for products made of partially recycled materials.


The majority of pull-on Bape hoodies frequently contain a sizable front kangaroo pocket that may accommodate both of your hands. Two distinct pockets, which may or may not have zippers, are typically found on zippered Bape hoodies. If you’d instead, there are also various Bape sweatshirts without pockets.

Ribbed cuffs and hem

Warmth is retained, and garments keep cold air out with ribbed hems and cuffs. The sleeves cuffs also make it possible to bring them up to your forearms without worrying about them slipping back down all the time.

Drawstring hood

Although many individuals don’t frequently use them, essentials knit hoodie‘ drawstrings might be helpful on chilly days. They enable you to tighten the hood for further warmth, which is especially helpful on windy days when your hood might not stay in position.

Bape hoodie cost 

The cheapest Bape hoodies start at around $150, and almost all their regular collection options are priced at $180 or less. The price of some limited-edition hoodies and those from well-known collaborative lines can reach $200.

Bape Hoodie FAQ

Can I put a Bape hoodie in the washing machine?

The majority of Bape hoodies are easily cleaned by washing them. Nevertheless, checking the care instructions before purchasing any hoodies is crucial because some can only be hand-washed.

Are Bape hoodies warm?

Like all sweatshirts from other manufacturers, the material and thickness will determine which Bape hoodies are warmer than others. In general, fleece hoodies will be more generous than those made of terry cloth or 100 percent cotton. You might need to wear a jacket over your Bape hoodie on freezing days to stay warm.

Which Bape hoodie should I get?

BAPE Originals BAPE Camo Hoodie available at Pink BAPE Hoodie

Our take: This stylish hoodie sports the original Bape logo and comes in various colors to suit every wearer.

What we like: It has a pocket for keeping your hands warm and a classic cut that is neither tight nor overly baggy.

What we dislike: The material is thin, so it isn’t ideal for frigid days.

Bape Women’s Must-Have Badge Of Sport Hoodie: Available at Pink BAPE Hoodie.

Our take: An oversized warm, cozy hoodie is a top choice for relaxing days and lounging.

What we like: It is both sturdy and comfortable because of the blend of polyester and cotton. Since it is composed of partially recycled materials, it is a sustainable option.

What we dislike: Some people might think it’s too casual for some situations.

Bape Black Pullover Sweatshirt: available at Pink BAPE Hoodie 

Our take is that this hoodie boasts a retro vibe and a stylish, eye-catching design.

What we like: Its fleece material is hot, and the ribbed cuffs and hem do an excellent job of keeping out chilly drafts.