The Best Apps for Small Businesses for Streamlining Payroll

On average, small business owners spend 5 hours each pay period doing payroll. That’s five hours that they could be growing their business, but instead, they are doing tedious administrative work.

If you’re hoping to expand your business, you need to start using every minute of work wisely. And this all starts with streamlining your payroll process. Instead of hiring an employee to handle payroll for your business, take advantage of the many apps out there designed to help you with this task.

Keep reading to learn about the best apps for small businesses wanting to streamline payroll. Your employees will thank you!


If you’re looking for HR applications for small businesses that also handle payroll, look no further than ADP.

ADP allows your employees to clock in and out, view their paystubs and benefits, and handle their time off requests. At the same time, you can manage your teams, review their timecards, and update your employee’s profiles. All of this is done through a secure app, allowing you and your employees to access all of this information from their phone or computer.

The app will integrate with any existing software you have and process your payroll quickly. If you ever have any questions, you’ll have the ability to talk with an ADP payroll expert. The basic package starts at around $10 per employee per month, but you can upgrade for better features at a higher cost.

If you want your employees using ADP or any similar app as their timeclock, you need to make sure you have the best wireless internet available. These apps won’t work if your employees can’t clock in and out when they need to due to a poor connection. Sites like offer internet signal amplifiers to ensure you’ll never have issues.


You’re probably already familiar with Square as a point of sale system. Businesses have been taking advantage of this convenient payment system for a while now, but that’s not all this company provides. When it comes to small business apps, Square also has a pretty impressive payroll service.

This all-in-one app allows you to track employee hours, pay both salaried and hourly workers, and offer a variety of benefits. In addition, the app handles all tax filings and has a support team ready to help with your payroll issues.

The payroll services start at just $29 per month plus $5 per employee. If you only have a few employees working for your business, Square is worth the investment.

Square is a great choice if you’re already using their point of sale system. In addition, the company offers online store solutions, business debit cards, and team management.


If you haven’t heard of Quickbooks as one of the top business apps around, you must still handle all your business with pen and paper. This company has revolutionized finances for businesses all around the country.

Quickbooks’ payroll service is one of the best-automated solutions. The app will automatically calculate your employee’s paychecks, pay your payroll taxes, and offer benefits like worker’s comp. Quickbooks is so confident in their services that they even offer Tax Penalty Protection if they cause an error in your business taxes.

There are a variety of plans available depending on what features your business needs. The core plan starts at $22.50 per month.

If you choose to use Quickbooks for your payroll service, make sure you take advantage of its bookkeeping abilities too. You’ll be able to handle everything money-related through just one app, streamlining your finances for yourself and your employees.


Paychex is one of the lesser-known apps for small business payroll, but it’s quickly becoming an impressive contender.

This all-in-one app offers payroll, HR, hiring and onboarding, and benefits services. You can update information online, over the phone, through email, or on the mobile app — making it accessible no matter how you prefer to conduct business. Once employee hours are entered, the app will generate your payroll and handle all your payroll taxes.

Employees will have full access to the app, meaning they won’t come to you with concerns or requests. Everyone will receive 24/7 technical support to help with any issues and answer any questions.

This app is cloud-based so you can use it anywhere and feel secure that your information is protected. The basic plan starts at $60 per month plus $4 per employee.


PayrollGuru provides both online payroll services and a payroll app depending on which format you prefer.

The payroll services will handle all the work for you. Just set up your employee profiles and the service will calculate all the payroll information you need. The PayrollGuru app is a little more hands-on. This app will help you calculate paychecks, deductions, and taxes. There is no limit or extra fee when it comes to employee profiles, which is unique when compared to similar apps.

If you’re just looking for a little bit of help, you can use the Paycheck Lite: Mobile Payroll app for free. This will generate a payroll check and calculate the gross pay, net pay, and tax amounts.

Looking for More of the Best Apps for Small Businesses?

Now that you know about some of the best apps for payroll services, you can better serve your employees.

But, don’t stop after your payroll is improved. Instead, seek out the best apps for small businesses in general. From team communication to marketing help, there are apps out there to help your business in every category. Being a good business owner means taking full advantage of all the tools available to you.

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