The Benefits of Using the Best Fire Blankets for Your Equipment

Does your business deal with various flammable materials?

Whether you’re in the petrochemical industry or gas pipeline industry, fire safety is a must. You must do your best to prevent and deal with fires as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might lose millions in property damage.

The loss of human life is incomparable to property damage. It’s why investing in the best fire blankets is necessary. Read on and learn the benefits of these fire safety devices:

1. Save Lives

It’s the most important benefit of fire blankets for workplace safety. When someone catches fire, using a fire blanket spells the difference between life and death. Cover them with the fire blanket to put the fires out.

When your offshore oil and gas plant catches on fire, your employees can flee the building. They can cover themselves with a blanket to ensure their safety. It contributes to the decreased rate of workplace fatalities due to fire.

Take note, fire blankets are only for putting out small fires. They must cover the flames and deprive them of oxygen.

2. Prevents Fires from Spreading

Whenever fire erupts in an area, abundant fuel, and oxygen cause it to spread rapidly. If left unchecked, it causes massive damage to your business. When employees see small fires, they can put it out with fire blankets.

Doing so eliminates the risk of the fire spreading uncontrollably. It stays at its initial stage, meaning it’s much easier to put them out.

3. Always Ready

Sometimes, fire extinguishers won’t work during fires. It’s why OSHA requires businesses to inspect them now and then. It’s a risk you can’t take, especially when talking about possible fatalities.

In case the fire extinguishers won’t work, fire blankets are the sure-shot alternative. They need no training and standard procedures to work. They have no control knobs or buttons that could fail after a long time.

Fire outbreaks are emergencies. Hesitation can cost your business a lot. Having a fire blanket around allows employees to take swift action and save the day.

4. Affordable and Easy to Store

Even small businesses can afford the safety of a fire blanket. It’s what makes it a viable option regardless of the scope of your operation. They’re also easier to access since you can stow them in cabinets in strategic locations.

Fire blankets are washable and reusable. They’re inexpensive to maintain since they have no mechanical parts that can fail.

5. Best for Every Person

Even when your employees have upper-body strength issues, fire blankets are easy to handle. You can buy 60” by 78” ones that weigh less than two or three pounds. They’re plain and straightforward when used to douse small fires.

Get the Best Fire Blankets Now!

The best fire blankets give all these benefits and more. If your business is always at risk for fire outbreaks, they’re your first line of defense. Get a fire extinguisher to complement their safety benefits.

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