The benefits of using document automation systems

It so often happens that an important document that needs review and signage sits dormant in your colleague’s inbox. Following up is quite annoying, but at the same time, it needs to be sent on time.

Also, what about the time when a ton of compliances need to be taken care of? Moreover, one also needs to provide for missing portions, erroneous information, and illegible signatures. So what do you do? This is where document automation systems come to the rescue, such as the Impress platform by Quadient.

Introducing document automation

The concept is self-explanatory. It boils down to creating documents using digital platforms or software. The copy can be made from scratch using a template in software. Once created, it travels to the stakeholders via an automated workflow. The process helps save considerable time and effort by eliminating manual data entry, email reminders, and physical printouts. There are several benefits to adopting document automation. These are next.

Benefits of document automation

Enhanced accuracy

With document automation, users are to complete documents through digital mediums. The riddance of manual inputting of data and information provides less scope for human error-creation and completion. There is also less room for illegible or incorrect data entries. Another benefit is that one can mention and add tags such as required fields.

Better user-experience

Automation streamlines the process through user-friendliness. No longer do you need to email the attachment or use facsimile equipment. Automation enables you to send the document through a link. The mechanism saves time in logging in for document completion. The experience is seamless, and it ensures quicker data collection and on-the-go responses. More so, participants and stakeholders do not have to learn a new process or create an account.

Greater access

Document automation also allows for greater access. Now with the advent of cloud storage, you are no longer stuck to the desk, nor do you need to worry about logging onto the appropriate server. The platform is mobile-responsive and enables users to complete the documentation on the go or remotely.

Control and Consistency

Has it ever happened that you create a document, send it to one team, then another, and the final file that comes back to you has multiple versions? Document automation ensures that everything is in the cloud. Cloud storage ensures a single workflow and provides version control for document creation. That is, you need not store more documents on separate drives or have them buried in emails.

Systems Integration

Document automation systems do one more thing – integrate the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with other systems. The integration allows you to pre-populate the data and auto-merge the records. The integrated process then makes it quicker and simpler to retrieve or find the documents. Impress by Quadient is a customer communications platform that provides the flexibility of sending transactional documents through a combination of channels – print, digital, and outsource.

Enhanced Profitability

One might wonder how automation impacts the bottom line, that is, profits? What document automation does is saves effort, time and money. Automation of documents and processes helps increase the efficiency of business operations and functions. This powerful transformation helps save valuable time and effort. The time saved can be devoted to other crucial aspects of running a business.

Larger client base

The clients today are tech-savvy, and they expect a lot from the businesses and companies. One way of fulfilling these expectations is by adopting document automation systems. For instance, today, quite a lot of companies have built online portals. These portals assist prospective clients in creating several select contracts through the company’s document automation software. The system allows the clients to obtain the required documents promptly. It also helps them reach out to the company for additional legal needs and queries.

Collaborative Pursuits

The internet has made the world highly interconnected, wherein it has become easier for businesses to interact with foreign clients. Document automation software takes this international endeavor one step further by enabling collaborative pursuits with teams in different locations, be it the same office or different time zones. With the software, the need for manual collaboration of documents and the physical integration of teams gets eliminated. Individuals can now communicate and work together electronically with greater efficiency. This duality contributes towards an improvement in organizational productivity.

If you are contemplating working with external parties on document revision, be it contract redlining or negotiations, document automation systems render a streamlined format.

Greater security and safety

Document automation systems also provide greater security for your sensitive and confidential records. Whether you are an accounting employee dealing with expense reports, an insurance agent conducting liability waivers or a medical expert preparing patient forms, document automation comes to the rescue. The system also allows you to regulate who has access to specific workflows through advanced administration features, thereby rendering even more privacy.

Retention of know-how

A vital aspect that gets undervalued is firm know-how or intellectual property. The know-how is the brainpower of the company. Quite often, a lot of it can be lost when people exit a company. This is where document automation comes to the rescue. Automation serves as an ongoing repository of company knowledge. More so, automation helps speed up the process of onboarding new staff.

Streamlined Workflows

Document automation systems work through algorithms which is what makes them efficient. With an interplay of branching logic, automatic reminders and pre-populated information, the workflows become streamlined. Additionally, converting paper into digital and automating the process enables finding potential stopgaps and inefficiencies. Quadient has several templates you can use for processes and workflows.

Parting Words

As seen above, document automation systems offer several benefits such as streamlined workflows, greater efficiency, control and security and saving in costs. With more and more enterprises taking their businesses online, remote working has become a trend. Be it separate locations or even different time zones, the flow of work and collaboration never stops with document automation systems.