The Benefits of tutoring in Quebec

The growth in demand for tutoring in Quebec is growing significantly. For example, at Tutorat Pro, a Quebec company specializing in tutoring, there has been an increase of 30% over the last year. Almost one in two children in Ontario receive tutoring services. Will Quebec soon approach the statistics of their Canadian neighbors? It seems that this statistic will become a reality for Quebecers within five years.

Parents are more and more overwhelmed, they have less and less time to help children in lessons, in homework or even in the preparation of summer lessons. It was during these times that tutoring became an alternative that many parents liked.

The rate of school failure decreases from year to year in Quebec, more and more parents decide to trust tutoring companies. For example, Tutorat Pro, saved more than 300 students from school failure. Both students with diagnoses and students with simple learning disabilities benefit from these services.

Several parents in 2020 decided to enroll two or even three children in these school services. The magic is that even if the student is on vacation or competing in sport, he does not accumulate any delay with tutoring services. Some companies even offer online tutoring. The child can therefore master the material well no matter where he is in the world! It is possible to see the same academic progression results as home lessons.

Tutoring companies usually have tutors who have completed compulsory training with the company and are therefore qualified. This is the case for Tutorat Pro, all their tutors have followed compulsory training. They have specialized tutors for learning disabilities with diagnoses, such as autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysorthography and many others. They are therefore reliable people to help children navigate their school journey properly.

By taking homework or tutoring services, parents have more time in the evening after school to make dinner, prepare lunch for the next day for school while ensuring that their children receive an education that meets their expectations. The tutors find a way to make the lessons fun and entertaining for the child so that he is focused throughout the session.

Going with a tutoring company is helping your child achieve excellence, giving them the chance to learn new methods of organization, time management and especially stress management.

Tutoring is not just for those with learning disabilities, but also for those with ease. The tutor can give him challenges and go explore the subject in more depth. An excellent child can have great difficulty with anxiety, and the guardian can help them find ways to be more focused and rested.

Tutoring becomes the winning solution for many families!

To be a successful tutor, you need to build strong personal relationship with your students. All tutors have a different role than the teachers or parents, they are in a unique position to bring students to the school success. the tutor can:

-Personalize all the learning

-Do connections with the students and make them feel better with people

-Teach the student in a different way than the teacher can do

-Minimize all the weaknesses that the child can have

online tutoringThe tutor gives a lot of new strategies that could help them as a student, but also as a person around the world, it’s things that they can keep for life. We see a lot of students that graduate with a big smile and that can’t wait to continue school. They significantly increase their self-confidence.