The benefits of joining a placement program

What to expect from a work placement

What you need to know

Come away with more knowledge

Whether you have just graduated from university or want professional experience, joining a good placement program could be the answer you have been looking for.

However, in this blog, we will be covering a more specific topic of interest, which is marketing.

Speaking of marketing, its everywhere and you can’t escape it.

Whatever industry you want to work in or experience you have, marketing will in some way be relevant to that field.

The problem with working in industry-specific fields is that you’re skills are limited to that industry. However, marketing is universal and you can apply it to a lot of different areas.

Finding out your niche industry is hard in itself, but if you choose to work in marketing then you know for sure that it will be useful in any context.

But first, let’s discuss what you should expect from a placement versus other forms of work experience.

What to expect from a work placement

Marketing placements are usually online.

Expect to join a global team. You are probably used to working with teams face and face or in classrooms.

But placements work differently. At the moment, you will need to load and install zoom on your laptop or another electronic device. People from around the world may join and share their opinions on given work topics or assessments.

So, being aware of the time-zone could come in handy, especially when communicating with your team.

The other point to be aware of is that the top placement requires top talent. This may sound overwhelming at first but top talent, in this case, means being committed to the work and being able to put in the hours.

If you have this attitude then the employer will recognize this. A positive attitude is a key asset to have.

What you need to know

Joining a placement comes with a purpose, but what is that purpose?

The purpose for each placement differs, but all in all, it depends on you. What kind of skills do you want to develop?

After a bit of self-reflection, do some research on a particular company. Read reviews and case studies and look for particular areas of interest.

There are placements out there that cover everything, so you want to focus your search as best as possible. However, some skills that most placements focus on are.

  • Communication
  • Clients
  • Learning new ideas
  • Flexible hours

Communication is important not just in marketing but for every industry and being able to fine-tune these skills as best as you can is a good tool to have under your belt.

For every company, there are usually clients. Clients could be customers or online consumers. Whatever the case, you will be getting practical experience in delivering the service or product to them and understanding how the whole process works.

However, the 3rd point is probably the most important. Willingness to learn new ideas. A placement exists to provide you with a new outlook of looking at the world. Most of the ideas introduced may be points that you have never learned about before.

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in,  is the best advice.

Come away with more knowledge

You will be investing time into this program, with the end result of you learning new skills that you can use for the long term.

You want to come away feeling more confident about yourself and the direction you’re heading into. Joining a good placement program provides you with a foundation where you can make honorable connections.

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