The Benefits Of Biodegradable Paper Bags

Providing customers with a secure, yet interesting looking bag to hold their goods might seem like a difficult task, especially when you want to factor in them being eco-friendly too. However, you can easily achieve this for your business by exploring the idea of using paper bags. You don’t have to limit yourself to the stereotypical brown paper bags you see people use for their lunch either. You could opt for kraft paper bags that offer cotton string handles, as well as durability to carry lots of items. If you’re thinking of making the move to paper bags, keep reading and discover their benefits. 

Re-Usable And Recyclable 

Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and it’s easy for customers to recycle at home as well. Plastic bags may need to be taken to a specialist plant or back to the original shop, but paper bags can go in with your regular recycling. This makes people more likely to recycle their bags because it requires minimal effort. Most paper bags are biodegradable, so even if people don’t recycle them, they’ll still break down in the natural environment without any outside influence. 

By opting for biodegradable paper bags, you’re not only helping to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfills, but customers can also reuse the bags. Paper bags are simple to store and bring along with you on each trip as you can easily fold them to fit into a pocket or handbag. Re-using the bags until they’re no longer functional will mean fewer bags need to be created and less recycling is needed, which in turn means less energy is used in the world. 


Apart from being useful to the consumer and easy to dispose of, they can also help to save a lot of energy. For example, paper is a very accessible material and can be sourced locally. This means the paper bags you buy could be created from local trees, which cuts down the amount of travel needed to source and produce the bags. A lot of plastic when it’s disposed of or recycled can actually put harmful pollutants out into the air, but as the paper is biodegradable, it doesn’t give off any toxic waste. So, opting for paper bags means you don’t harm the environment during any stage of their composition. 

Easy To Brand

Paper is also very easy to print on, so if you’re looking for a way to really get your brand name out there, paper could be the way to go. Paper can come in so many different colours too and any multitude of coloured inks can be used on them, so you can create a bag that’s truly unique to you. 

Affordable And Practical

In general, paper is more affordable than plastic, and when you’re running a business, saving money is a must. As most places also charge customers for plastic bags, you might be able to reduce or drop the charge due to their affordability. Paper bags are also very practical for you and the customer. 

Storing them is a lot simpler too. Plastic bags can be difficult to keep piled up without them sliding off and onto the floor. Whereas paper tends to stay put as it’s slightly heavier in weight. And paper bags are so much quicker to open! 

Customers prefer the shape of paper bags as they tend to be more structured too. A plastic bag doesn’t offer much stability for their purchases and can often lead to things being damaged. However, paper bags offer a sturdy, yet comfortable way of carrying their shopping and they can easily stack items on top of each other without worrying they’ll move about and rip the bag. 

Protect The Sea Life 

If the above points weren’t enough to convince you to make the switch to paper bags, take a moment to think about how marine animals are affected by plastic bags. A lot of plastic ends up in the oceans, and therefore ends up in the bellies of sea life that don’t know any better. This plastic then builds up inside of them and can ultimately lead to death. Using paper means even if the bag ended up in the ocean, it wouldn’t cause the same damage because when soaked in water it will disintegrate. 

We could all probably make a few better choices when it comes to helping protect the environment and using biodegradable paper bags is one of them. Not only will they help reduce plastic waste in the long run, but they’ll also be beneficial for your business. With them being so simple to print on, you’ll do wonders for your exposure and brand awareness. Try looking at paper bags today and see how you could benefit from the swap.