The benefits of a serviced apartment for international business travel

While the notion of travelling for business has been somewhat undermined in the past year, business travel will return once again in the near future.

In 2018, there were eight million business trips taken from the UK, while a further 6.6 million international visitors made their way onto these shores from overseas.

In this post, we’ll look at the various demands of business travel and the numerous benefits of serviced apartments.

In simple terms, a serviced apartment is a fully furnished dwelling that’s typically made available for temporary stays that may be either short or long-term.

While this type of apartment is a standalone entity, it’s one that also provides hotel-like amenities such as room service, while residents can also access professional housekeeping services at any time.

Typically, you’ll find the best and well-resourced serviced apartments in large metropolises such New York, where business and leisure attract millions of visitors each year.

Make no mistake; serviced apartments in New York are indicative of what to expect in cities such as London, while pricing will vary according to size and the full range of amenities on offer.

OK, we hear you ask, but what advantages do serviced apartments offer in comparison to hotel rooms?

On a fundamental level, serviced apartments are renowned for offering superior value over the course of long-term stays. They’re certainly cheaper to rent, while longer-term trips also require more than just a basic sleeping space and rudimentary work area.

They also tend to offer considerably more space than a hotel room. This is great for those of you who want to create a home away from home when travelling, or struggle to pack light when embarking on an international trip!

Interestingly, serviced apartments also offer a more affordable option for multiple travellers, especially with larger apartments available across the board.

Furthermore, you also retain the option of cooking for yourself, negating the need to rely solely on room service or takeaways. With cooking facilities included within a fully serviced kitchen, you can continue to eat healthy even during extended or hectic business trips.

This also reflects the way in which serviced apartments help you to strike the delicate balance between autonomy and staff support, as they’re ideal if you want to enjoy your own space while retaining useful services such as room cleaning and (occasionally) room service!