The Beginner’s Guide to Tax Relief Services

Tax Relief Services

Tax debt is becoming a burden to many citizens due to tough economic times. More and more people are falling behind on their taxes, putting them at risk of losing their personal property to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). According to some reports from the agency, about 11.2 million people fell behind on their taxes in 2020. This number represents about one in every 20 citizens and seems to be rising. Many people could lose a part of their wages to go to the IRS to settle their debt, a situation that could push them into further debt. Fortunately, there are tax relief services that can help you settle your tax burden and save you from bankruptcy. Not all agencies that claim to offer these services are genuine. If you are looking for tax relief services, check out this guide to get the best guidance and support.

Community Tax

Top on this list of tax relief companies is Community Tax. This company or agency has a proven track record of assisting those who have fallen back in their taxes. The agency has assisted more than 90,000 individuals since it began its operations. The company requires you to have a minimum of $5,000 in tax arrears to accept you in its program. It assists both individuals and small businesses by negotiating better terms for them with the IRS. In addition to helping lower your tax debt, it also helps prevent wage garnishment, negotiates for tax extensions and tax lien issues. Further, it carries out all the required investigations on your behalf, saving you time and money. Community Tax guarantees a tax reduction in 14 days, failure to which they refund you in full.

Coast One Tax Group

Coast One Tax Group is among the top agencies you can consider when seeking tax relief services. With 14 years of experience in this industry, you can trust this agency to easily get you out of a tax quagmire and save your financial well-being. It has a team of qualified individuals from relevant fields, including certified public accountants (CPAs), tax attorneys, resolution managers, and certified tax agents. This agency offers, among other services, wage garnishment protection, negotiations, IRS audit defense, and bookkeeping. The agency requires that you have a minimum of $10,000 as tax debt for it to represent you. The agency charges affordable fees based on your burden and does not have a cash-back guarantee. However, it has a good reputation that you can be sure of its services.

OptimaTax Relief

Third on this list of companies you can choose from is OptimaTax Relief. This agency has been operating since 2011 and has made its name as one of the most trustworthy tax resolution companies. It serves both individuals and businesses, particularly small ones that have fallen back in their tax payments. The agency helps with filing taxes, bookkeeping, IRS audit defense, and tax investigations. You must have a minimum tax debt of $10,000 for this agency to take your case. The company offers a free consultation to determine the integrity of your case and determine the way forward. Still, you pay a one-off fixed investigation fee to facilitate the process. They are very transparent with their services that they even have a 15-day money-back guarantee if they fail to lower your tax burden.

Anthem Tax Services

Another good tax relief service agency is Anthem Tax Services. This agency has had its operations going since 2010, so it has more than ten years of experience. The company has a strong team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and other professionals that will help you overcome your tax burden. You will need to have a minimum of $10,000 tax debt for this company to assist you in getting tax relief. The company deals with both federal and state tax debt resolutions. In addition to the relief services, you can also get services such as corporate tax returns that protect you from IRS audits. Consultation at Anthem Tax Services is free, so you can always get as much information as possible before paying for the services.

Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network is the last agency on this list but just as good. This company has been in operation for more than 23 years, offering state and federal tax debt resolution services. Like the rest, the agency protects you from wage garnishment, tax audit, protection from asset seizure, and other accounting and tax resolution services. It is a great agency if you need a full package of these services.