The basics you need to know about your sweet puff

For smokers that know how to have a good time, they usually own an array of bongs and pipes that help take their smoking experience to new heights. But one type of pipe that many smokers in Australia don’t own is a sweet puff. As these discreet glass pipes offer an entirely different experience compared to a bong, sweet puffs can be a great pipe to own when you want to mix things up. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing it in the near future, it’s probably a good idea to catch up on the basics before putting yours to work. Here, we outline some of the basics you should know.

Why use a sweet puff?

Although countless people are more than happy to smoke from a bong, pipe or blunt, over the last few years, more and more smokers are turning to sweet puff pipes in Australia. Typically made from risk-free borosilicate Pyrex glass, these small pipes are heat resistant, durable and easy-to-clean.

Also known as oil pipes or concentrate pipes, the small size of sweet puffs has made them particularly popular for people who like the smoke on the move. While a bong might provide the best at-home experience, it’s definitely not something you can use discreetly as you make your way from one place to the next.

However, a sweet pipe is something you can easily slip into your pocket. While many of them come in straight clear glass, you can also add a bit of personality like your favourite bong with a sweet puff that has coloured accents or a unique shape.

Smoking with a sweet puff

The glass design might be relatively simple, but first time users can sometimes have a hard time loading the pipe. If you’re using concentrate, all you have to do is pour into the bowl before heating until there is enough vapour to inhale.

Smoking with weed or tobacco is a little trickier as you have to avoid touching the hottest part of the flame to the glass, but create enough heat to light the grass. You’ll know it’s hot enough when it starts to make a fizzing sound.

When using a sweet puff, there is virtually no resistance when inhaling. Just be careful that you don’t pull too hard as you might end up ripping hot weed or tobacco.

Cleaning your sweet puff

Cleaning what you use to smoke regularly is the best way to have a consistently great experience. Otherwise, you’re eventually bound to find that your bong or pipe is full of ash and tar. This advice also applies to sweet puffs although one of their main advantages is just how easy they are to clean.

There are many ways to do so, but many people choose to use rubbing alcohol and a pipe cleaner to flush out any unsavoury leftovers. You can also submerge your sweet puff in boiling water or use cleaning tablets to make sure it’s crystal-clear and ready to use.