The Basics of Flea Collar

Dewel Flea collars are one among the foremost common accessories for canine pets. this is often mostly because they’re mandatory in most countries, so in cases that your pet will stray, they will be easily identified and returned to the rightful owner.

Aside from giving them an identity, dog collars have tons of other uses also. This is often why these things are available a good sort of designs and makes, as there would presumably be a collar which will match your dog’s size, personality, and training.

There are two general sorts of dog collars, the regular ones and people for training. Regular collars consist of:

1.Buckle or flat collars that are normally made from nylon or leather. They’re closed by a buckle, which may either be the belt or quick-release types. They also normally accompany a loop, where you’ll fasten the leash for walking.

2.Flea collars are treated chemically which will repel fleas and keep your dog clean and healthy. These aren’t commonly used as primary collars.

3.Stud collars are one among the foremost common types that you simply can see around today. Its original purpose was to guard the dog against being bitten within the neck, but nowadays, it’s more of a fashion accessory than a gear.

4.Elizabethan collars are the open soft plastic cones that are wont to prevent the dog from scratching or licking his wounds, so it won’t get infected. Non-pet owners find these things weird sometimes.

5. Safety stretch collars are ideal for dogs that wish to squeeze themselves in several places, which may lead them to get strangled. made from elastic, yet sturdy materials, these collars can help your adventurous dog keep himself safe from asphyxiation.