The Basics of Data Privacy and Why it has Become Essential in 2022

More than ever before, data privacy has become increasingly essential, more and more people are now very sensitive to the privacy of their data. This increasing awareness is in no small part a product of widely publicized data breaches and hacks around the world. The past few years, especially the year 2020 have been filled with high-profile stories of data breaches. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, there is a real fear by internet users about the privacy of their data. This is so given the incredible amount of personal information third-party cookies and internet companies collect about internet users and businesses because any breach of personal and business data would lead to frightening damages to businesses and people. Data privacy becomes essential and is one of the most important topics in public discourses. What then is data privacy?  

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To understand why data privacy is essential, we need to know what it is. Data privacy is the right of internet users to have their data protected from unauthorized access (those who should not have access to it), and the right of users to determine who can access their personal information and for what purpose. In general terms, data privacy means the ability of individuals to determine for themselves who, when, why, and how their personal data is shared with third parties and who has access to them. Just as in the day-to-day business and personal conversation people can choose with who they want to relate and share personal information. Internet users also have the right to decide who sees or has access to their personal data. What it could be used for and to what extent these personal and business details could be shared.   

This is essential and extremely important too because in the year 2021 and 2022, more personal data are being collected by websites, apps, internet search engines, social media sites, and government agencies. More importantly, social media companies and internet sites collect personal information that exceeds what internet users would consent to. Worse still, until recently, internet users had very little say over how and to what extent their personal information was collected and with whom it is shared. Therefore, data privacy involves acknowledging and operationalizing data privacy as users’ rights. The basic elements of data privacy include the right of an individual to have a say over their personal data and to be left alone: having a say over how personal data is collected, stored, managed, and shared with third parties is at the heart of data privacy. Previously, companies collected personal data of internet users as they wished with the internet users having little or no say over the collection and use of their data. However, today across many jurisdictions especially in Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and Japan, privacy laws are being put in place to give internet users a greater voice over how their personal data are collected and used.

Now, there are established protocols or procedures for the proper collection, processing, handling, and sharing of personal data. Although internet users’ data are still being collected, there are now legally required standards and guidelines internet companies must follow in the collection and management of data.

Comply with rules/laws governing data privacy: privacy policies in the European Union, the United States, Canada, and most countries now make it mandatory that internet companies protect data and ensure the privacy of users’ personal information. This empowers users to have greater input and control over their personal data and provides avenues for them to seek legal redress and compensation should their data be breached unlawfully or shared illegally. 

Many technologies are available to help internet users control their data and ensure privacy. One such privacy application is Hoody. When using your browser with Hoody, each one of your tab and website gets a new IP, a new location and a unique set of Fingerprints, making tracking impossible.  Hoody Phantom Browsing™ future-proof technology beats the most advanced and invasive tracking techniques.

The privacy of users’ data lies with the internet companies: it is extremely important that internet companies become more proactive in ensuring the privacy of users’ personal data because once users’ personal data are collected and stored in their servers, the users have little or no control over who accesses it and breaches of the companies system could negatively affect users.  In conclusion, data privacy is an essential part of today’s digital world. Understanding the basic elements listed above is important for ensuring that the personal data of internet users are not compromised or breached.