The Audience Science behind Paid Advertising

If you plan on investing in some paid advertising for your business then it is essential that you are aware of the fact that the only way in which it succeeds is through having a deep understanding of your audience.

Unfortunately, we see so many businesses invest money with digital agencies who expect them to work miracles despite having very little data or information on who their audience is and what the audience needs in order to become motivated to buy.  It makes absolutely no sense to invest money in marketing only for it to become some kind of general ad campaign, which is tantamount to throwing things to the wall in the hope that something sticks. The audience science behind paid advertising is crucial, and here is why.


Whether you are investing in PPC or any other form of marketing, the thing that you are looking for in an ad is a reaction from the target audience. There are a number of reactions which people make when an ad piques their interest, sometimes they will click on it instantly and make a purchase, other times they will register it, and store it for later, and sometimes they will look at it and decide its not for them. When you are aiming your marketing at nobody in particular, you will have far more who react by deciding that this isn’t for them.

Sharing Circles

Marketing can only take you so far and one of the oldest and still one of the most reliable ways to get more attention to your business is through word of mouth. Now we are not all alike of course but generally speaking, we have friends who like the same sort of stuff that we like, and this is something which marketing should aim to tap into. If every person who is impressed by an ad then goes and tells one of their friends, the success of the ad will grow exponentially.

If your paid marketing campaign is hitting the wrong people then this exponential growth never happens.


In some cases, there could be damage done if you aim your marketing at the wrong people. Just imagine if you have a sausage company and you have Google ads on vegan forums, or anywhere near vegetarian companies, this could be greatly damaging for your brand. Now this is an extreme example of course but the message is still the same.


If you are going to invest in digital marketing you are going to need some great content and in order to design great content which is going to work in your favour, you need to know who you will be creating that content for. There is a reason why some companies have ads dedicated to kids or old people, and it is because they know exactly who their target market is and what they react most to, if you don’t know then you will have no real idea for what content you are going to need to create.

The science behind your target audience is the first place to start when you launch an ad campaign.