Neon signs have been a sought-after form of advertising and artistic expression for decades. They can be seen everywhere, from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the small shops in your local neighborhood. The bright, vibrant colors and unique designs of neon signs can make them stand out and grab the attention of anyone passing by. If you’re looking to create an eye-catching neon sign, there are several tips you can follow to ensure that your sign is both visually appealing and effective.

Choose a simple design:

The first tip for creating an eye-catching neon sign is to keep the design simple. This means avoiding complex designs with too many details. Simple custom neon signs are more effective at catching people’s attention because they are easier to read and process. Consider using bold, easy-to-read fonts and a limited color palette when designing your neon sign. This will ensure that it is easily recognizable and memorable.

Use bright colors

Neon signs are known for their bright, vibrant colors. When creating your neon sign, choosing colors that will stand out and grab people’s attention is important. Bright colors like red, yellow, and blue are popular for neon signs because they are eye-catching and easily visible even from a distance. Consider using contrasting colors to create a more dynamic and visually appealing design.

Choose the right size.

The size of your neon sign is also important when creating an eye-catching design. A too-small sign may be difficult to read from a distance, while a too-large one may overwhelm the viewer. Consider the placement of your sign when choosing the size. If it will be placed on a storefront or in a busy area, a larger sign may be more effective. However, a smaller sign may be more appropriate if it will be placed in a smaller space or at eye level.

Use animation

Animated neon signs are becoming increasingly popular and can be an excellent way to create an eye-catching design. Animation can create movement and visual interest in your sign, drawing even more attention. Some popular animated designs include flashing lights, scrolling text, and moving images.

Consider the background

The background of your neon sign can also play a role in its effectiveness. Consider the color and texture of the background when designing your sign. A neutral background, such as white or black, can help your sign stand out and be more easily readable. You may also consider a textured background, such as brick or wood, to add visual interest and depth to your sign.

Keep it legible

While making your neon sign visually appealing is important, it’s also vital to ensure it’s legible. After all, the purpose of a sign is to convey a message or information. Avoid using overly elaborate or difficult-to-read fonts, and ensure the text is large enough to be easily readable from a distance.

Use negative space

This is the space around and between elements in your design. Negative space can help your neon sign stand out and be more visually appealing when used effectively. Consider using negative space to create a more minimalist design or to highlight some aspects of your signage.

Keep it cohesive

If you’re creating a neon sign for a business or organization, ensure the design is cohesive with your branding and overall aesthetic. This means using the same colors, fonts, and design elements as your other marketing materials. A cohesive design will help reinforce your brand identity and make your neon sign more recognizable.

Experiment with different styles

Neon signs come in various styles, from traditional script fonts to modern geometric designs. Feel free to experiment with different styles to find the one that best fits your message and brand identity. Just make sure that the style you choose is appropriate for the context and purpose of your sign.

Consider the message

When creating a neon sign, consider the message you want to convey, and this will help you choose the right colors, fonts, and design elements to communicate your message effectively. For example, if you’re creating a sign for a restaurant, use warm colors and food-related imagery to evoke a sense of comfort and appetite.

Use neon effectively

While neon is the classic choice for creating neon signs, it’s not the only option. LED lights and other lighting technologies can also create eye-catching signs. Consider combining different lighting technologies to create a unique and dynamic design.

Choose the right location.

The location of your neon sign can also impact its effectiveness. Consider the placement of your sign when designing it. Will it be placed on a storefront, inside a store, or outside? Will it be visible from a busy street or hidden away in a corner? The location of your sign will impact its visibility and the amount of attention it receives.

Consider the environment

Consider the environment in which your neon sign will be placed. Is it a busy street with lots of other signs competing for attention? Is it a quiet residential neighborhood where a bright, flashy sign may be out of place? By considering the environment, you can create visually appealing and appropriate signage for its surroundings.

Get feedback

Before finalizing your design, it can be helpful to get feedback from others. Show your design to friends, family, or colleagues and ask for their honest opinions. This can help you identify any areas for improvement and ensure that your sign is compelling and appealing to your target audience.

Work with a professional

Finally, working with a professional is important when creating a neon sign. Neon sign design and fabrication require specialized knowledge and equipment, and a professional can help ensure your sign is visually appealing and functional. Additionally, a professional can provide guidance on choosing the right colors, fonts, and sizes for your sign.

The takeaway

Creating an eye-catching neon sign requires careful consideration of several factors, including the design, colors, size, animation, background, location, and professional help. By following the above-discussed hints, you can create a neon sign that stands out and grabs people’s attention, whether for advertising or artistic expression.


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