The Art of Being an Athlete

“The hardest skill to acquire in this sport is the one where you compete all out, give it all you have, and you are still getting beat no matter what you do. When you have the killer instinct to fight through that, it is very special.”

– Eddie Reese

It takes extensive efforts, time, and dedication to become a great athlete. Even though one may not realize it, athletes are, indeed, artists. They display immense creative genius to do things that other people only dream of. If athletes were not artists, people would not marvel over what they do. There are several parallels between artists and athletes. When observed closely, one can easily see that artists and athletes share a common trait in seeking excellence and mastery. The passion required to be an artist and athlete are the same, and Wayne Bentley Evans is a perfect embodiment of someone who has perfected the art of being an athlete. 

Evans is an all-rounded athlete as he is someone who has perfected training and has also pursued his passions of exercise, horseback, and sports. It is easy to realize how Evans’s interests do not just revolve around physical activities, for he is the co-founder of Massage Heights. It is a unique company that propagates the idea of rest after workouts, something that other people have not been able to come up with. Evans’s passion for sports has not been restricted to being an athlete only. On one hand, he is a CrossFit Games athlete and a four-time CrossFit regional masters qualifier. But on the other hand, he is also someone who displays a deep understanding of the need to rest and relax. 

There is a lot that goes into being a successful athlete. Great athletes like Evans only do things a bit differently than the rest. 

  1. They Get Real

Successful athletes know that it is not easy to achieve success and plan accordingly. Not only do they set realistic goals, but they also invest enough physical and mental energy to achieve these goals and embrace patience, effort, and persistence. Successful athletes are realistically optimistic, and Evans is one such example because he has been able to stay real in all of his endeavors. The fact that he propagates the idea of rest after workouts illustrate how he is realistic. 

  1. They Believe in Being their Best, Rather than Being the Best

Great athletes know that there is always room for improvement, and this is the reason why they keep working to improve their skills. This may involve adopting a different strategy, technique, or even a different coach. It might also comprise of learning new skills. It is important to understand that abilities and behaviors are not fixed, which is why some athletes think that embarking on new regimes and dietary changes improves their athletic abilities. Evans has been able to demonstrate this aspect by establishing Massage Heights that encourages people to engage in restful activities after intense workouts. 

  1.  They Build Consistency with Small Sustainable Changes

It is a common understanding that success is a step-by-step process. The best way to succeed is to be consistent by making small changes in one’s behaviors. One’s willpower and consistency is a muscle group, so the more you make use of them, the more powerful they become. The fact that Evans is a successful trainer demonstrates that he has been able to build consistency through small yet effective changes. Evans is one athlete who is known to not only set goals but also crush them and then set more goals to make sure that his fitness is improving. 

  1. They Hang Out with Good Apples

All great and successful athletes surround themselves with successful people and positive energy. It is a fact that the more one surrounds oneself with people who support one’s dreams, the happier and more affirmed one will be. One has to feel success to create it, and so one must find groups and people who support one’s goals. Wisdom is involved in choosing the people closest to one as these people have the biggest impact on one’s success. This is the reason why one must choose them wisely. 

  1. They Have Grit

Stamina and grit are important qualities for anyone who wishes to take charge of their destiny. Just the way that it takes guts and thick skin to begin a business, one requires similar courage to become a successful athlete. One needs to commit to long-term plans and remain firm when facing difficulties and challenges. Success can only be built when one sees through things and sticks to them. 

Great athletes are not superhuman in any way. Be it Evans or anyone else. It is just that they make use of their skill sets to elicit positive results. They also believe in themselves and the ability to improve, setting realistic goals, surrounding themselves with successful people, and staying firm in tough times. Evans is somebody who has been able to embrace and practice all of these qualities and made them the secret behind his success. He is someone who has been able to master the art of being an athlete. 


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Time Business News Editor Team